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Widescreen LCD Monitor HP L2335 has some motion blur in Quake 3.

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by Skybuck Flying, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. Hello,

    I am not completely happy with my new monitor. It's connected to my old PC
    via the analog vga signal. Soon I'll have a new PC with the digital signal
    but I doubt the screen quality will improve.

    So here am I writing a preliminary report/review and also requesting some
    information about alternative "just-as-good" crt monitors ?

    My main complaints about the LCD monitor and maybe LCD technology in general

    1. Motion blur in quake 3. (Just a little bit but definetly noticeable).
    2. Fuzzy screen because of the grid lines between the pixels. It's like
    looking at a holographic sticker/image.
    3. Little bit darker near the left and right edge. (Because of viewing
    angle) Only noticeable with white or other bright colors. (However I don't
    mind this so much).

    The text is also incredibly sharp... a bit too sharp maybe... but ok.

    I think my 10 year old 17 inch monitor gives a better quality image/video
    than this new monitor. So that's pretty shocking isn't it ;) !!!!

    Maybe this is one of the best (widescreen) LCD monitors out there but
    compared to CRT it blows donkey's dick.

    The only adventage is more screen space which is relaxed for strategy games
    like civilization 3 conquest.

    So my I am already thinking about selling this monitor and buying a big ass
    CRT monitor.

    The new CRT monitor should be bigger than 17 inch because I at least want a
    bit more screen space.

    So I ask this newsgroup... what's the biggest and best CRT monitor you ever
    saw/found and what did you pay for it.

    I payed 1000 bucks for this LCD monitor and a big ass CRT monitor will
    probably cost less than 500 bucks and have 10 times better quality, that's
    my probable conclusion.

    If I do buy a new CRT monitor I will first compare it to the LCD monitor and
    then sell off the LCD monitor...

    What kinda pisses me off is that I spent 1200 euro's for two 7900 gtx 512 MB
    cards and now the LCD monitor will probably **** up the graphics. That sux.

    Also in the future I might have to lower the resolution... and the LCD also
    kinda sucks at that.

    Sure it can scale up... but a CRT monitor will look much better.

    So you see what I am getting at... LCD <- baaaaddddd deal.

    The question/problem is... what is good CRT monitor ? ;)

    Yes I want the best of the best !

    What's the best of the best CRT monitor... <--- that's the question !!!

    Oh and I also forgot to mention that the LCD monitor has one dead sub
    pixel. It's a little bit green.. but you only see it when everything is
    black or dark. So that's another major drawback for the future... more dead
    pixels ! yak ;)

    One final note:

    I have seen many people write reviews and raves about this LCD monitor and
    other LCD monitors like the dell stuff. I don't know what those people are
    raving about... maybe they LCD freaks... maybe they had bad LCD's before
    this one... but I am coming from the CRT scene if you know what I mean...
    and I am true gamer... I played at least 50+ shooters... and I am telling
    you don't buy this monitor if you want to enjoy shooters to the max ! Those
    people writing great reviews about this monitor don't know jack shit about
    playing games and especially shooters. Don't believe them ! ;)

    Later I will test my monitor with the digital signal... but I am pretty sure
    the quality won't improve. The motion blur will probably remain, the fuzzy
    look in general will probably remain.

    I rather have a monitor with bad colors and some aliasing then this crap...
    it's also quite bright...

    The only thing that makes me doubt is the radiation of the CRT monitor...
    The CRT monitor might give me cancer in the long run... so that's a major
    concern for me... and ofcourse the weight... but if it's in place it's in
    place ;)

    The cancer shit is scaring the pants off off me... so I ll have to sleep
    many night on this though decision lol.

    You can expect a new post as soon as I test the digital signal as well. But
    don't expect any fireworks.

    A disappointed fucked up, ripped off (?) Skybuck :((( ;) :D
    Skybuck Flying, Mar 31, 2006
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  2. Skybuck Flying

    GregS Guest

    I have seen some large expensive screens, but for the most part I agree with your observations.
    I don't really have all that much experiance with different screens, but some really
    are problematic!

    GregS, Mar 31, 2006
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  3. The DVI connection makes a huge difference with my LCD monitor.

    Charlie Wilkes, Mar 31, 2006
  4. Skybuck Flying

    Jim Thompson Guest

    Are there any KVM's out there that handle DVI?

    ...Jim Thompson
    | James E.Thompson, P.E. | mens |
    | Analog Innovations, Inc. | et |
    | Analog/Mixed-Signal ASIC's and Discrete Systems | manus |
    | Phoenix, Arizona Voice:(480)460-2350 | |
    | E-mail Address at Website Fax:(480)460-2142 | Brass Rat |
    | http://www.analog-innovations.com | 1962 |

    I love to cook with wine. Sometimes I even put it in the food.
    Jim Thompson, Mar 31, 2006
  5. Skybuck Flying

    Scotter Guest

    I am running two Dell 2405 FPWs (24").

    I started running them on a card that had only one DVI-out and the other
    VGA. The difference was noticable. The LCD connected via VGA wasn't as bad
    as you describe but it had a few noticable annoyances.

    Now I have them both hooked up to a card with two DVI outs and they both
    look fantastic.

    When connected via DVI: Perfect image quality. Fast response. Not even
    ghosting while watching videos are playing 3D shooters. Very bright. Very
    crisp. Images and text.

    (1) Run only at their native resolution
    (2) Use DVI (instead of VGA) when possible

    Tyan Thunder K8WE
    Dual Opteron 252s (2.6ghz)
    4 gig Corsair XMS DDR400 RAM
    XFX 7800 GTX 256 w/VGAsilencerV3
    500 gig Hitachi SATA 300
    160 gig Seagate SATA 150
    Dual Dell 24" wide aspect LCDs
    550W Antec power supply
    X-Fi Platinum Soundblaster
    Scotter, Apr 1, 2006
  6. Here is how to test the motion blur:

    Download and install the Quake 3 Arena demo.

    Then strafe left/right looking at a wall.

    The wall will blur while moving.

    Then when you stop, the wall will suddenly be sharp again.

    Please test this with your monitors and dvi and let me know the results.

    That would be very interesting !

    With slower games like battlefield2 I have not noticed any motion blur so

    Skybuck Flying, Apr 1, 2006
  7. Little addition:

    That's because battlefield2 only runs 15 fps per second on my old computer.

    The motion blur will only be visible/noticeable with high frame rates.

    Later I will also test one more time with my 17 inch crt monitor to make
    sure that it doesn't have the motion blur... I am pretty sure it doesn't
    since I never noticed it ;) but I have to be 100% sure so I'll report that
    back later as well :D

    Skybuck Flying, Apr 1, 2006
  8. Skybuck Flying

    Half_Light Guest

    Makes no difference here.
    Half_Light, Apr 1, 2006
  9. Skybuck Flying

    Half_Light Guest

    On thing about LCD moitors. Always run with vsync on or esle you will
    get real bad tearing. Now your FPS is maxed at 60 -75.
    Half_Light, Apr 1, 2006
  10. Well I was so curious I am immediatly tested it. So here is the report.

    The CRT monitor is indeed twice as sharp when moving but the screen also
    shakes a little bit more. I actually enjoyed the LCD monitor a bit better
    because it moved more smooth. The thing is the blur gets magnified because
    the LCD is so big... which makes it more noticeable.

    Well now I have to find something else to complain about lol... what is
    starting to annoy me a little bit so to speak is the automatic resizing/auto
    adjustment of the screen... it takes two seconds everytime when switching
    resolutions. Most of the time it works really well which is quite nice...
    but sometimes in a game I have to press the auto button so it adjusts

    It's a very nice feature... ofcourse CRT monitors auto adjust as well to the
    resolution but sometimes the screen will be offset wrongly... with LCD this
    can happen as welll but the auto button fixes it... the LCD probably needs
    some content to be displayed otherwise it might fail... so if the screen is
    all black it might still go wrong. So nothing much to complain about really.

    I no longer think the blur effect is worth getting a CRT monitor... however
    the pixelized fuzzy look remains on the LCD... which still annoys me. Also
    the 17 inch looks really tiny and idiotic compared to the 23 sssspppaccceee
    :) but that's comparing apples to peaches ;) lol... the screen on the 17
    inch is also kinda bold/curved like a ball but one gets used to that real
    fast. The LCD is more the opposite like a theater/film etc... a bit curved
    on the inside it seems. but that s probably just because of the perspective
    of the eye ball ? ;)

    Anyway... I'll have to wait for the digital signal to give my final
    verdicht. I hope the digital signal will get rid of some of the fuzzy
    look... if it does that that would be great... and if it decreases some of
    the blur as well than that would be totally awesome.

    Skybuck Flying, Apr 1, 2006
  11. Some games have a vsync option.

    However I searched for sync via
    /cvarlist *sync
    /cmdlist *sync

    Quake 3 Arena doesn't seem to have a vsync option ???

    Skybuck Flying, Apr 1, 2006
  12. Nice try at the fake hotmail spam abuse ;)

    Skybuck Flying, Apr 2, 2006
  13. I've used one similar to this one for a couple years now:


    Problem is that it is PS/2 with no USB. Have yet to find a decent affordable
    one that handles USB and DVI reliably, at least if you want something more
    than a standard key layout (with extra multimedia buttons).
    HockeyTownUSA, Apr 2, 2006
  14. Skybuck Flying

    Half_Light Guest

    I use ATI Tray Tools and create game profiles and always force it on
    to 60hz for each game. You can force it on with the CCC drivers too
    but some games override the CCC setting. ATI Tray tools always forces
    it on.
    Half_Light, Apr 3, 2006
  15. Skybuck Flying

    Half_Light Guest

    Half_Light, Apr 3, 2006
  16. Skybuck Flying

    Half_Light Guest

    You sure your running at the LCD's native res?

    And why are you crossposting to this group?

    Half_Light, Apr 3, 2006
  17. Comment directed at the faker whoever you are ;)

    Skybuck Flying, Apr 3, 2006
  18. Why not...

    There are a few million transistors in my monitor. They could still be too
    slow... so hint hint make-them-faster lol.

    Next time they should include a hanky... to wide any dirt of the screen...
    it's so black I can see every little dust and cell partical of my body
    fingers hands etc ;)

    I'll mention this improvement in my final review/report of the dream system
    as well =D

    Skybuck Flying, Apr 3, 2006
  19. Skybuck Flying

    Dromiz Guest

    Had to do some looking but see your unit has a 16 ms response rate and that
    is going to give LCD ghosting in some game. LCD with 8 ms or less have far
    less ghosting. I have a 27" Olevia HDTV with 8 ms have very little ghosting
    Dromiz, Apr 6, 2006
  20. Well I was just playing around with my monitor settings... I was looking for
    a way to prevent the auto resizing etc... I just want to run 1 on 1 all the
    time etc... it's a bit weird oh well.

    I also noticed these color values... like 9000 kelvin and 6000 kelvin or
    something like that.

    I wonder what that is all about. If I set it to 9000 kelvin can I "hurt" my
    monitor that ? Will it last less long ?

    Anyway... my picture quality is kinda looking like crap right now lol but I
    like it like that.

    I want it to be a bit darker... because I mostly computer in the darkness...
    so here I am spending 1000 euro's and my picture quality at least in windows
    is just as crap as my CRT lol... but that's because of my brightness setting

    Anyway... I did find this review will searching for some more information
    about this monitor:


    This review explains what I already know... they call it the "crystal

    Tomorrow my case will arrive and then I can build my super computer. The
    crystal effect will probably remain which is fucking bad.

    Anyway this review is pretty nice... it has lot's of nice picture showing
    off the monitor ;)

    I must say I really like the menu of this monitor... I only wish it would do
    the auto resize feature faster and better... because sometimes it fails to
    do that... maybe dvi signal will make that work better...

    Skybuck Flying, Apr 9, 2006
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