Widescreen video card for S3010CL

Discussion in 'Compaq' started by Ken Wampach, Mar 18, 2007.

  1. Ken Wampach

    Ken Wampach Guest

    My wife uses a Compaq S3010CL (Sam's Club model from 2004) for
    her business work. She is interested in a 22" widescreen LCD
    monitor. The native resolution on these is 1680x1050.

    The onboard video is VIA-S3 which does not appear to support

    I would like to know if anyone is aware of a video card that can
    be installed in this PC which can support that 1680x1050
    The available slots are a PCI and an AGP4x 1.5v.

    This is a business machine for her newspaper. Gaming is
    occasional Solitaire. It does not have a DVD unit, and she has
    no interest in watching movies on it. Her application software
    is 2D. She wants the larger monitor to make it easy to work on
    wide spreadsheets, and give her larger graphic images to work
    with in her layout software (Corel Draw 9 Suite - Don't laugh,
    it gets the job done very well)

    It appears that a Radeon 9550 would provide the desired
    resolution, but would have issues. It is reported to run hot,
    which also means it uses a fair amount of power. The supply is
    only 200 watts. Is there a simple video card out there which can
    provide the resolution, but won't cause a big thermal and power
    load to provide gaming performance she has no need for. Before
    we would upgrade the power supply, fans etc., we would get a new
    Ken Wampach, Mar 18, 2007
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  2. Ken Wampach

    HH Guest

    HH, Mar 19, 2007
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  3. Ken Wampach

    Ken Wampach Guest

    Ken Wampach, Mar 19, 2007
  4. Ken Wampach

    HH Guest


    With that specific card, no. But, generally speaking, I've found Radeon
    cards less problematic on Compaq PCs than GeForce cards, primarily because
    the better GeForce cards often require larger PC power supplies than do
    Radeon cards. When I was an online tech at Compaq, we recommeded Radeons 75%
    of the time as upgrades.


    HH, Mar 19, 2007
  5. Ken Wampach

    Ken Wampach Guest

    I should have pointed out that the reason I was curious was my
    concerns about heat and power supply load. Your general Radeon
    experience it reassuring.
    Thanks again for the help you have provided me and the
    significant contributions you make to this group on a regular
    Ken Wampach, Mar 19, 2007
  6. Ken Wampach

    Stevo Guest

    You say the card doesn't appear to be able to handle that
    resolution...is that becuase you cannot set it as such from the
    display properties window? If that is why, your card can probably
    handle that resolution, it just doesn't say so becuase the current
    monitor cannot.

    I hope that helps...

    Stevo, Mar 20, 2007
  7. Ken Wampach

    Ken Wampach Guest

    The S3010CL motherboard has the S3 Prosavage DDR chip on it. The
    Drivers in this PC are version dated 3/2/2004
    When I go to:
    Display Properties
    List All Modes
    I can view a long list of Graphic settings. This list includes
    1600x1200 32bit 60 Hz, which would lead me to suspect that the
    underlying hardware would be fast enough to handle 1680x1050,
    but that resolution was not available in the list.
    When I contacted Compaq support via online chat, the person was
    not able to offer any way to configure the onboard adapter to
    work at 1680x1050.

    Are you aware of a way to get this adapter to provide 1680x1050
    resolution or was your reply speculation that this adapter might
    have 1680x1050 capability?
    Ken Wampach, Mar 21, 2007
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