Wierd problem- R8500 AGP works, PCI card works, R9700pro won't run POST, on A7N8X-E

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Ken Maltby, Mar 10, 2006.

  1. Ken Maltby

    Ken Maltby Guest

    Why would which AGP card I insert matter to the POST?

    I can get the initial display that lists the current BIOS number,
    but then no memory check or anything. It won't let me go to
    the BIOS pages. It appears to be locked up. Too shut it down
    I have to hold the power button for the full time-out.

    It appears to run OK with the R8500 or an old PCI card.

    I want to use it as a HTPC media player on my LAN, so
    the R8500 may be all I need. It has a DVI-I output which
    my projector can use. (But I wanted to try some gaming on
    a 120" screen)

    Any guesses as to what is going on would help me track
    this odd behavior down.


    P.S. This is on a ASUS A7N8X-E MB
    Ken Maltby, Mar 10, 2006
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  2. It may be a power problem. Either your power supply can not provide
    enough power for the board or the 4-pin floppy power connector was not
    attached to the video card. If you are going to be using the 9700 Pro
    in a smaller case make sure that you have adequate cooling as the board
    runs much hotter than the 8500.
    Michael W. Ryder, Mar 10, 2006
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  3. Ken Maltby

    Ken Maltby Guest

    I had the 4 pin connector on, if you don't you can't
    get to the first display with the BIOS name and number.
    (You get two red bars across the screen telling you to
    connect the power and a lot of beeping.)

    I do wonder if the 4 pin adapter is just good enough
    to avoid that response but not good enough to allow
    the POST.

    I just don't know any conditions, on the AGP card,
    that can/would lockup the system at that point.

    Ken Maltby, Mar 10, 2006
  4. Ken Maltby

    kony Guest

    It's probably not the adapter, but you could pull it off,
    examine the pins to be sure they're making good contact. If
    you're good with a multimeter and can pull the board you
    might measure voltages on-card, to determine if the 5V & 12V
    levels are staying high enough (it is expected they'd drop a
    bit, but not much, maybe a couple %.

    As the prior poster suggested, it could be a weak system
    power supply. You might also try clearing CMOS. You might
    seek a bios update for the motherboard, and change some bios
    settings though changing settings is a bad situation to be
    in if the defaults don't work properly, as then IF the CMOS
    ever needed cleared, you would then have to swap in another
    card again to gain stability to rechange the settings.

    Are you sure the 9700 works properly? Even if it did you
    might recheck it, since random things like a crack in the
    PCB, then handling may further damage to it, or if there was
    ESD it could have effected the card bios... so as a last
    resort you could try reflashing the 9700's bios but it's not
    as likely to be the problem in the first place.
    kony, Mar 10, 2006
  5. Just out of curiosity is the power cable you are using only used for the
    video card? Sometimes problems with the 9700 can be fixed by giving it
    it's own power cable. I only have my 9700 Pro and a couple of case fans
    on one power cable.
    Michael W. Ryder, Mar 10, 2006
  6. Ken Maltby

    Ken Maltby Guest

    No problem there I keep a PCI card around for such
    purposes, and it is working fine on the board in question.

    That could be the problem, something broken on the
    R9700Pro, but it does display the text for the first paragraph
    of the start-up, right till where the memory check would have
    started. The memory check and the rest of the POST are all
    just VGA text display the same as that first paragraph.

    Normally, I would think this means the problem would be
    with the memory or the controller on the MB, but there is not
    this problem with a different AGP card. So it seems to lead
    back to the R9700, but what on the card could cause such
    a response during what should be just VGA text display,
    beats me.

    Well, my thanks to all responders, and I'd still like to hear
    of any ideas as to what this might be, but I'll see how the
    R8500 works out for now. Using it for a media player on
    my LAN shouldn't be too demanding anyway.

    Thanks again.

    Ken Maltby, Mar 11, 2006
  7. Ken Maltby

    Ken Maltby Guest

    If anyone is following this thread; I think the problem
    is a known issue that was addressed in the 1011 BIOS.
    Unfortunately, despite the fact that I've flashed this same
    model MB several times in the past, I can't seem to get
    this board to take a new flash. I can't get it off the 1008


    P.S. This sorta thing doesn't normally happen to me, it's
    very rare that anything of a technical nature proves to be
    so stubborn. I think this setup is possessed, I had it up and
    running well with the R8500 but as soon as I had my
    projector setup exactly as I wanted, the projector died.
    Ken Maltby, Mar 13, 2006
  8. Ken Maltby

    kony Guest

    What happens when you try to flash the newer bios? Are you
    using AWDFLASH or the asus specific flasher? Is the bios
    write-protected in the bios menu or by jumper?
    kony, Mar 14, 2006
  9. Ken Maltby

    Ken Maltby Guest

    I've used the latest version of AWDFLASH downloaded
    off the ASUS download site and listed for this MB. I also
    used a floppy that I had used to flash another A7N8X-E, to
    C18E1011.bin. I'll check the BIOS pages for any write
    protection setting, but I don't remember seeing one. There
    are no jumpers involved. (I did clear the bios settings with
    the battery removed and the MB 20pin power connector
    unplugged, using a jumper.)

    What happens is that when I push the "Y" to have it flash
    the BIOS, the "Press "y" to flash ..." message disappears but
    nothing else happens. No more messages or little blocks
    getting processed, nothing. (Actually that is a good thing in
    that the CMOS appears not to be effected by the failed flash.)

    Ken Maltby, Mar 14, 2006
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