Wifi-b card UK availability for P4P800

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Mark Hocking, Jan 5, 2004.

  1. Mark Hocking

    Mark Hocking Guest

    Can anyone give me details of any UK suppliers of the wifi card that works
    with this mobo. The Asus uk site states there is 50% off this at the moment
    (http://uk.asus.com/#) but gives no more details (other than specs,
    installation etc)?

    Also, can I put any type of 802.11b pci card or usb adapter into my other PC
    to connect wirelessly to the pc with this card? The main pc will use the
    wifi card to share the current adsl modem/router which is connected via the
    ethernet port. Is there a particular make/model that is better suited to
    work with this combo? Also, will the main PC need to be on all the time in
    order to share the adsl connection (the adsl modem/router is on permanently)
    but I assume windows xp will need to running to share the connection?

    Sorry for the newbie questions, but this is all new territory for me.

    Thanks very much for any help


    reply to group or mark.hocking "at" tesco.net
    Mark Hocking, Jan 5, 2004
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  2. Mark Hocking

    Jay Guest

    Almost certainly yes...there are very rare incompatibility issues -
    mostly with very early released kit. If it says its 802.11b on the
    box it will almost certainly work with another true 802.11b device.
    In the configuration you describe - yes. And you will be exposing
    your main PC to wireless attack.

    However, if you bought an 802.11b Wireless Access Point and plugged it
    into your Router instead of sticking a wireless card into the main PC,
    you'd be able to use the wireless computer independently of the main
    PC. Have a look at the other recent wireless threads on here.
    We're all different shades of newbie in different places :)

    Jay, Jan 5, 2004
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  3. Mark Hocking

    Acedrew Guest

    £21.15 from Scan in Bolton.


    Look under Motherboards - Misc (Accessories)
    Acedrew, Jan 5, 2004
  4. Mark Hocking

    Mark Hocking Guest

    Thanks for this info - it is very helpful.

    If I understand it the way you suggest would require a WAP & two wifi cards?
    Whereas the ASUS card will act as a WAP & the adsl modem/router (Speedtouch
    510) will plug into this needing only 1 additional wifi card for the 2nd pc?
    How vulnerable are wireless networks to attack? I live in Devon (Exmouth) so
    can't imagine there is a great deal to worry about - or is this a common

    thanks again
    Mark Hocking, Jan 5, 2004
  5. Mark Hocking

    Mark Hocking Guest

    Thanks - they charge £7 delivery! Only other place I have found it is
    Overclockers but it is out of stock.

    Mark Hocking, Jan 6, 2004
  6. Mark Hocking

    ric Guest

    Also, can I put any type of 802.11b pci card or usb adapter into my other PC
    i have in my hand a 2004 Asus catalogue (i never knew they did so much
    stuff! proper remote management switches, rackmount servers, all
    sorts) that touts a feature of their current laptop's wifi cards.
    It specifically states that they're a proprietary type that isn't
    compatible with normal mini-pci cards "to ensure quality".
    not proven this myself, but it suggests you might have problems with a
    standard mini-PCI card.

    for the rest of your networking, your life will be much easier if you
    buy a wireless access point and plug it in your router. this way your
    main PC doesn't need to be on...they're very cheap now, in fact it may
    be just as cheap to get a combined adsl router/wap and replace your
    existing one. ebuyer have some v cheap linksys and they're an
    absolute doddle to setup.

    ric, Jan 6, 2004
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