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Will my geforce 4 ti 4400 agp 4x run on agp 8x

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by Chris Roth, Sep 2, 2003.

  1. Chris Roth

    Chris Roth Guest

    I have a geforce 4 ti 4400. It is 4x agp card. I bought a new mobo with 8x
    agp.. Will my card run on the new mobo? Will it run at 4x or will the speed
    increase? Or worse do i need a new 8x agp card :( Thnx :)
    Chris Roth, Sep 2, 2003
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  2. Chris Roth

    Dave Guest


    Will it run at 4x or will the speed
    If your card is 4x/8x it will...

    Or worse do i need a new 8x agp card :( Thnx :)

    Nope. Slot connector should fit fine, then you're in. The performance
    difference between AGP 4x and 8x is de nada. Maybe two FPS on average, if
    that. 8x AGP is another buzzword, like hype-r-threading. It's carefully
    contrived to hit people between the eyes and make them see double when there
    is incremential to no improvement whatsoever in actual use. Sure, a little
    potential is there, but by the time it's remotely close to being tapped (not
    likely with the amount of local memory on videocards these days), the spec
    will have evolved and a new set of buzzwords will have to be created to
    expressly delineate some sort of vast superiority to previous technology. I
    wouldn't worry about it, just throw the card in there and enjoy.
    Dave, Sep 2, 2003
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  3. Chris Roth

    Chris Roth Guest

    Well thnx alot :) I was a little worried when my new mobo got in id have to
    by a new video card and i will be screwed. :( Im gonna be running a p4
    2.66ghz 800mhz FSB with 512meg pc3200 ram. My video card is a geforce 4
    ti4400 128meg. I ONLY use it for games. WIll this system be perfect for what
    I wanna do?
    Chris Roth, Sep 2, 2003
  4. Chris Roth

    S.Heenan Guest

    Yes, those are good specs for a gaming machine. Get a good power supply for
    your new machine if you don't have one already.
    S.Heenan, Sep 3, 2003
  5. Nothing is ever perfect. You will always crave more of everything.
    Lester Piglet, Sep 3, 2003
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