Will not REGISTERING your PC void your warranty...???

Discussion in 'Dell' started by BIG DAVE, Oct 13, 2010.


    BIG DAVE Guest

    I bought a PC back in May and for various reasons have never used it
    yet. It is one of the DELL desktops and I will be setting it up soon.

    I never regestered the product. Will this void my warranty? I do
    have the receipt and even bought an extended service plan from Staples
    where I bought the PC.

    Any input appreciated.

    BIG DAVE, Oct 13, 2010
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    Ben Myers Guest


    You can check the extent of the Dell warranty on the Dell web site per
    the service tag on your Dell PC.

    As for Staples service plan, best to check with them. I doubt that
    their service plan requires product registration, which mostly gets you
    on email lists that spam you with offers to take more of your money.

    Did Staples provide any written description for its "extended service
    plan"? I am very curious... Ben Myers
    Ben Myers, Oct 14, 2010
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    Hank Arnold Guest

    Hank Arnold, Oct 14, 2010
  4. Hi!

    Anything's possible. I believe that there is no *legal* requirement to
    register a product in order to receive warranty services. (Some sneaky
    manufacturers will try to force the issue in some way or another.)
    But...I'm not a lawyer and I don't even try to play one. Verify this
    before taking it as certain.

    Sometimes, if you place a warranty call, the person you are speaking
    with will just register the item as a matter of course, since they're
    getting your information. If they tell me that's what they are doing,
    I make sure to tell them that I do not wish to receive advertising at
    any of the addresses supplied.

    It probably makes little difference, but it's not hard to do either.

    William R. Walsh, Oct 14, 2010
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