Will the K7VME destroy my Barton 2500 XP

Discussion in 'Soyo' started by john_20_28_2000, Jan 7, 2005.

  1. I've had the SOYO K7VME. Originally, I got it because of the "rebate."
    Of course, that isn't going to happen....

    Anyway, I bought a Barton 2500XP for it. I don't know why, but I am
    worried that it will blow up my CPU. I don't want to do any kind of
    overclocking (don't know that I could with that board.) Is this board
    okay to put the new chip in? Thanks.
    john_20_28_2000, Jan 7, 2005
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  2. And you couldn't read the manual or visit the website for some reason?

    Unless you're trying to run the cpu without a heatsink or fan it
    should run fine without blowing up. It's well under the limit.


    AMD Socket-A Based VIA KM400 Chipset micro ATX Motherboard
    Featuring Embedded Graphics with 1 AGP slot, 2 channel Audio,
    Integrated 10/100 LAN, 8X/4X AGP slot, and USB 2.0

    CPU (maximums)
    XP/Barton ... 3000+
    XP/Thoroughbred ... 2600+
    XP/Palomino ... 2100+
    ThunderBird ... 1.4GHz
    Duron ... 1.8GHz
    Sempron ... 2800+
    Dennis Mullin, Jan 7, 2005
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  3. john_20_28_2000

    JamMail Guest

    My Bad typing caused me to incorrectly type 333Mhz bus.....Sorry
    JamMail, Jan 7, 2005
  4. john_20_28_2000

    JoshIII Guest

    I bought the same motherboard for my niece and since September its been
    working great. It has an Athlon XP 2000+ in it now, fast enough for a 2nd
    grader. (SoYo K7VME)

    It stays on all the time, no problems with the board so far. Nice board!

    I can't say the same thing about SoYo's Rebate system however. I think its
    a lost cause.. I mailed it in correctly, on time, etc. etc. and never heard
    from them again.

    I asked ZipZoomFly.com (where I mail ordered it from) if they could give me
    the rebate ID or resend the rebate form. Here is what ZipZoomFly replied
    Dear Josh,

    Please note that since the rebate forms were sent to the manufacturer
    directly, our company does not have any information regarding the updated
    status of the refund check. However, we do have the following as their
    contact information:



    This number is for a answering agency I think. You call it and all you get
    is someone's voice mailbox.

    I'm going to complain to SOYO.COM .. and if I had saved the original rebate
    address and all the rebate forms, I would be filing complaints to the
    Attorney General of the state where they rebate requests were sent (I don't
    remember where).

    SOYO is thinking they can get away with rebate fraud on a large scale. We
    shall see.

    upstate south carolina
    JoshIII, Jan 7, 2005
  5. I did read the manual. I wasn't asking because I didn't know what the
    mobo was supposed to accept. I asked because since they are so
    troublesome about their rebates they might be troublesome about their
    systems and if they were, I'd rather not use anything of theirs at all.
    In other words, I wanted to see if the entire package was
    garbage...just like their rebates.

    I was hoping for evidence to the contrary because I don't want to buy
    yet another case, mobo, and power supply.
    john_20_28_2000, Jan 8, 2005
  6. Ah... missed the sarcasim in the original message.
    No idea how reliable the Soyo K7VME motherboard is.

    Have experience with the SY-K7VTA PRO v1.0 (four boards),
    all of them run fine (XP 2200+ & XP 2400+ cpu's) except that
    they will occasionally fail to boot because the cpu fan didn't
    spin up fast enough for the don't-start-if-the-fan-is-stopped
    detection phase. A reboot solves that minor annoyance.

    SY-P4I845PE ISA, one board running a Pentium 4, 3.06 cpu
    Quite happy with this board, although it's a bit pricy.

    Soyo rebates are useless. I didn't have a rebate on any
    of my motherboard purchases, but the rebate for one of
    their other I/O products was a no-show.

    Soyo is a company that's on my rebate-offer blacklist.
    But in my experience (YMMV) it is acceptable in the
    actual product department.
    Dennis Mullin, Jan 8, 2005
  7. The board may be nice, but the way they have it in the case is
    terrible. They, soyo or TigerDirect, has is so crammed that I can't,
    or barely, fit the cpu with the fan in the case. It's touching the
    power supply (see other thread.) Thanks for the information.
    john_20_28_2000, Jan 8, 2005
  8. Ahh, you got one of the combo deals. Soyo has (or had)
    2 types of case available under their name badge (I'm
    pretty sure they don't make them), sounds like you got
    one of the small ones.
    I wasn't impressed with either case that was available.
    Best cases I've seen at tigerdirect have been the
    Chieftec's (sturdy, lots of space, well constructed).
    Dennis Mullin, Jan 10, 2005
  9. So far I haven't been impressed with any of it. It runs fast, when it
    runs. I can't reboot without getting in to a constant reboot. It gets
    to windows splash and reboots. Finally, after several times, xp pro
    loads. It isn't overheating and all drivers and bios are constant. Oh
    john_20_28_2000, Jan 10, 2005
  10. john_20_28_2000

    JamMail Guest

    I betcha goto n eof them Cheap-o power supplies in it from TIgerDefunct.
    They suck anyways.
    JamMail, Jan 16, 2005
  11. I will NEVER buy a "rebate" system from Tiger Direct again.
    john_20_28_2000, Jan 17, 2005
  12. Well tell them too!!! :)
    dave AKA vwdoc1, Jan 18, 2005
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