Win CE/PocketPC AGAIN CANNOT access ibook via networking!

Discussion in 'Apple' started by John the Baptist Jr., Jan 17, 2006.

  1. Perhaps there is a network problem here. But I am on a Wifi network
    with a lame Linksys router than constantly needs to be restarted. I
    think there is a conflict between my ibook and one of my roomates PC's.
    He claims thats the problem and when both of us are online they conflict
    and the network goes down. At this time he is away at work, so
    everything is working fine. My ibook does not crash the network when my
    other roomates are online. Yes perhaps the blame is associated to Apple
    since no other computer in this house has this problem (yes they are all
    PC's). But then again perhaps Apple is not at fault, but my roomates
    lame PCMCIA Linksys Wifi card. My PC's use a 3Com Wifi PCMCIA card.

    Okay here is a MAJOR problem.

    My Jornada 720 handheld PC running Windows CE HPC2000 AGAIN cannot
    access my ibook via networking. No I cannot assign a workgroup on the
    Jornada handheld PC, and yes its running a version of Windows similiar
    to the PocketPC os, but more for handheld PC's (

    The Jornada can access the ibook via FTP ONLY. Yes Firewall is on the
    ibook, and yes I have been able to access the ibook before with the
    firewall on from the Jornada. No I also cannot access it wirh firewall
    off. I can only access it with FTP.

    Here is a screenshot from the Jornada 720.


    John 1:6-9 There came a man who was sent from God;
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    CERM-Church Education Resource Ministries
    John the Baptist Jr., Jan 17, 2006
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  2. First,

    Linksys is notorious for selling product that does not work exactly as
    advertised. For the WRT54G and the WRT54GS, the latest firmware fixes almost
    all the problems experienced with the products. Get the latest update,
    specific to your hardware version and apply it. Do so through a wired
    connection only. Reset the unit and then re-configure it. During the
    firmware update it will test the memory and mark anything bad as


    lookupd in Mac OS X is still buggered up and it keeps cached entries that
    are no longer valid, but are in conflict with other machines. So it's
    possible for your Mac to get an IP Address via DHCP, and the lookupd cache
    matches that IP Address against a different machine and now the two of you
    are in conflict with each other. lookup -flushcache does not properly clear
    the cache, and my solution was to change the address range assigned by DHCP
    so that everything on the LAN got new addresses. You could investigate
    manually clearing the lookupd caches.

    Richard Tomkins, Jan 17, 2006
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