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Win XP- MS Office2007 handwriting recognition?Russian,Latvian opti

Discussion in 'Tablet PC' started by Sergey U., Apr 25, 2007.

  1. Sergey U.

    Sergey U. Guest

    I am gonna get in few day new Toshiba M7 tablet with Windows XP for tablet PC
    and MS Office 2007 installed.

    1. Will handwriting be supported in Office 2007? In which languages??
    2. Latvian support: (a) Which MS or partners' add-inn or software can be
    suggested to get recognition of Latvian alaphabet character,which can learn
    graphics that I can attribute to Latvian alphabet symbols like:
    - some of them like "a" with a detached minus sign on top;
    - some like "n" with a detached comma below in the center ?
    (b) how then pen should be directed to allows a tablet to perceive such
    symbols liek described above which actually consist of two pieces? Should
    icahnge their appearnce while handwriting and draw like in a one piece?
    (c) with all that I would like to be able to convert ink into text, while
    having e.g. English as a handwriting text language , and then manually
    convert it into Latvian for proofing. Will it work? Or there is a some easier
    way to get to this point?
    3.Russian support: what MS or partners'add-in / programs can be suggested
    for cyrillic handwriting recognition, if any available?
    Sergey U., Apr 25, 2007
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