Win XP Pressario re install problems

Discussion in 'Compaq' started by John LaBella, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. John LaBella

    John LaBella Guest

    After encountering many BSOD (and trying all possible remedies - new HD
    checking RAM etc etc. I re installed Win XP Pro SP2.
    During install I had to use the F7 bypass - I don't recall having to do
    that before.
    However The unit seems a bit more reliable but one BIG problem... The OS
    doesn't appear to recognise the fact that it is a Laptop using
    Yes I did try the go into power and select APM but no luck.
    Any suggestions?

    Also I thought about updating the BIOS but all the versions I saw
    require the use of a floppy (nice one HP don't supply a floppy and
    require one to update) any suggestions for that?

    John LaBella, Jun 6, 2009
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  2. John LaBella

    John LaBella Guest

    I replaced the XP home with a real XP Pro I downloaded all of the
    drivers for the model from Compaq's site - went through the several
    hours of installing all of them followed by Most of the win Service
    packs (although I haven't installed SP3.) then Office then other
    applications I use on a frequent basis. It was only then I realised that
    the power option did not have all of the info it used to have (it used
    to indicate level of charge in the battery). Yes I did try selecting APM
    - I did check the installed devices - but there was no trace of anything
    about APM or ACPI. I downloaded a third party battery program - which
    did not show the prescence of ny batteries.

    I seem to think that something is missing or not installed (and I am at
    a loss on how to recover it) as when I disconnect the ac power I don't
    seem to see the same drop in screen brightness and slow down (I am
    thinking perhaps the SpeedStep function is missing). I have tried
    selecting various schema - max battery power etc in the power control
    applet - all to no avail.
    Thank you
    John LaBella, Jun 10, 2009
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