Win XP Pro / A8N-SLI-Deluxe -- System unstable (random BSODs) after most recent MS "Update" -- What'

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Viðarr, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. Viðarr

    Viðarr Guest

    I'm reasonably certain that Microsoft screwed up my computer with its last
    Windows XP Professional "Update". Since I doubt Microsoft's going to own up
    to its responsibilities to fix things any time soon, or tell me if (and
    what) I need to do anything to make my computer compatible with the most
    recent "Update", I need to figure out what's wrong and how best to make my
    computer stable again. And I need help!

    I had a few problems with various BSODs right after I bought my computer and
    was configuring it to do what I want it to. (I've described my system in my
    sig below.) Among other strictly "legal" tweaks (I didn't push the envelope
    very much), I experimented with nTune and some of the other wild and
    wonderful features that come with the current generation of machines, and
    finally got it configured the way I want it. After the first couple weeks
    of various BSODs that were easily cured with various tweaks (and un-tweaks),
    I've had no problems for the intervening eight months. I haven't added any
    new hardware or new applications.

    BTW, I usually avoid cross-posting, but since I have no idea whether my
    problems are mobo-driver-related or Win XP Pro-related, I'm posting this
    message to both groups. (I apologize to the purists.)

    All that changed a couple weeks ago. Ever since the latest Windows XP Pro
    "Update", I've had significant problems with system instability. It works
    fine when it works, with no indication at all of any problems. However, I
    can be doing anything--e-mail, MATLAB, Word, IE--and I get what seem to me
    to be completely random BSODs, with various errors, none of which seem to
    have any basis in reality. I've written down most of them, and the list



    [3] STOP: 0x8E win32.sys

    [4] STOP: 0x7E hap16v2k.sys

    (The bracketed numbers are simply for reference. Many have occurred several

    After [1], I updated the videocard drivers (uninstalled old-installed-new)
    and I haven't seen [1] again. For a while, the system even seemed a bit
    more stable and I thought I'd solved the problem. I know "STOP: 0x8E" is a
    driver-related problem, but before I go updating more drivers (specifically
    the mobo drivers), and risk rendering my machine absolutely useless, I want
    to ask those with much more expertise than I have:

    1. Has the sort of system instability problem I'm experiencing become a
    widespread problem since the last Win XP Pro "Update"?

    2. Is it the fault of the "Update", and if so, is MS planning a fix for it?
    (So there's nothing I specifically need to do except wait.)

    3. What drivers do I need (or would it be best for me) to update? How do I
    roll back to a previous (functioning) configuration if things don't go well?

    4. I live reasonably close to Microsoft HQ. Whose name(s) do I put on my
    picket sign when I blame Microsoft--and whoever in Microsoft who screwed up
    my computer--for gross incompetence?

    (While I was writing this, I got yet another BSOD, this time a "STOP: 8E"
    telling me there was something wrong with my USB system. There isn't. It's
    working fine.)

    MEANWHILE, if anyone else seems to be inundated with random, nonsensical
    BSODs, DON'T do anything drastic to your machines until we ALL find out what
    Microsoft did to screw up our computers, and force Microsoft to put things
    right again. I've read various posts by unfortunate people who took these
    BSODs literally and ended up VERY much worse off. IN ALL LIKELIHOOD, the
    problem isn't our machines or drivers, but Microsoft's latest "Update". By
    the same token, if you haven't updated your videocard or audiocard drivers
    for a while and new ones promise significant improvements, it might be worth
    the effort to update them anyway. (The silver lining in this cloud is that
    I really did need to upgrade my videocard drivers. The new ones are
    significantly better than the previous version. I suggest that Microsoft
    take note: "upgrades" or "updates" are supposed to be IMPROVEMENTS on
    previous versions.)

    In the context of the most recent Microsoft Win XP Pro "Update", I'm NOT
    looking forward to "Vista" with any enthusiasm. Linux is looking VERY good
    right about now!

    Enduring Microsoft with steadily decreasing patience,

    -- Viðarr

    System: ABS Ultimate M6 (June 2005)
    ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe
    nVIDIA - 42302e31 Phoenix - Award
    AMD FX-55
    4GB Crucial RAM
    XFX GeForce 6800 512MB x2 (SLI)
    Creative SB Audigy 2ZS
    Windows XP Professional: 5.1 (Build 2600)
    Viðarr, Mar 26, 2006
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  2. Viðarr

    old man Guest

    So you used winupdate to update drivers, apparently, and you wonder what
    went wrong?

    old man, Mar 26, 2006
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  3. Viðarr

    Viðarr Guest

    NO! I NEVER download drivers from the Windows Update site. I’ve heard bad
    things about them. I ALWAYS update my own drivers from reliable sources
    (like the card or chipset manufacturers’ sites, after verifying that they’re
    the correct drivers for my hardware and OS).

    I probably should have made it clear that I first verified then downloaded
    and installed the drivers I knew to be correct, from the chipset or board
    source. I just assumed everyone knew to do that.

    Anyway, Winupdate updated on its own. In the morning, I got the usual
    notice (when Windows updates itself) saying that automatic update had
    updated my computer and that it required a restart. I subsequently (a week
    later) went to the windows update site and updated/installed the new utility
    Windows uses to verify the Windows installation. (It wouldn’t let me past
    that page and into the update site until I did that.) I was looking to see
    if there was a revised Win XP Pro update that would fix the previous one.
    There wasn’t (and there still doesn’t seem to be one as of last Friday).


    Viðarr, Mar 26, 2006
  4. I have the same motherboard and am using xp pro also. The
    latest update did not adversely affect my computer, so I don't think
    that in itself is the problem. You could have a driver conflict, or
    one of your video cards may not be properly seated. Try running in
    safe mode for a few hours and see if this avoids the BSOD. Make sure
    your cards are properly seated and nothing is intermittently shorting
    anything out inside your box.
    Yeah, Linux is tempting. Good luck. Ken
    Ken Palmateer, Mar 26, 2006
  5. Viðarr

    old man Guest

    Then as Ken says, and the stop errors show, you have a driver problem

    old man, Mar 26, 2006
  6. Viðarr

    Natéag Guest

    My experience :
    Same board. All updates. No BSOD.

    Natéag, Mar 26, 2006
  7. Viðarr

    Viðarr Guest

    Thanks, Ken!
    The videocards themselves aren't the problem. I checked 'em just to be
    sure. They're in solidly, as is their SLI bridge. (The bridge came loose
    during shipping, so I've been there before.) I updated their drivers first
    simply because they were the first thing I thought of. Looks like it's time
    to reinstall the mobo drivers since I'm now getting 0x8Es complaining about
    the USB system (that otherwise seems to be working fine).

    Oh, well...

    Viðarr, Mar 26, 2006
  8. Viðarr

    Bob Doran Guest

    And you don't have a System Restore point that you can use to take the
    system back to an earlier state (pre Microsoft update)?

    Bob Doran, Mar 27, 2006
  9. Viðarr

    DRS Guest

    Go to Settings > Control Panel > System > Automatic Updates tab and change
    the setting to "Notify...". That way you can choose which updates to
    download and install.

    Go to Settings > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs, check the "Show
    updates" box and then remove the updates you don't want.
    DRS, Mar 27, 2006
  10. Viðarr

    Viðarr Guest

    Well, yeah, but since the problem is random (the occurrences and causes of
    the BSODs each seem to be independent and identically distributed random
    events), and I seem to be one of the few who’s experiencing it, I figure it’s
    better to find out what and where the problem is with my machine. In the
    interim, my computer works fine.

    Seems it IS the mobo drivers (I haven’t updated them in the 10 months I’ve
    had this computer), so I downloaded the new ones from ASUS and nVIDIA. I’ll
    wipe the old ones (including DriverCleaner) and install the new ones later
    this week. What I’m not certain of is whether the ASUS or nVIDIA drivers
    are preferable. I can install the ASUS V6.6.5 (32-bit SATA) from a floppy
    (360KB); the nVIDIA ones require writing them to a DVD R/W, and booting from
    it (35MB). Neither is a problem — the question simply being which is best,
    or if there’s even any significant difference.

    There seems to be no reason to upgrade to even later versions, since I’m
    staying with Win XP Pro 32 and my FX-55 for the time being. There aren’t
    64-bit drivers for some of my peripherals, even though they’re promised, and
    I can’t afford an FX-60 right now.



    Viðarr, Mar 28, 2006
  11. Viðarr

    Natéag Guest

    I always update with NVidia drivers. They usually
    are more recent.

    Natéag, Mar 28, 2006
  12. If you have a Creative Labs sound card installed, do yourself a favour, take it
    out and fling it in the garbage. Or at least see if the onboard sound only cures
    your problems. I have an almost new Audigy 2 that really screwed up my new
    system until I removed it and all is well.
    James B. Davis, Apr 1, 2006
  13. Viðarr

    milleron Guest

    Does DriverClean wipe out all of your video drivers as well as your
    nForce chipset drivers? ?
    milleron, Apr 1, 2006
  14. Viðarr

    Viðarr Guest

    Only if you want it to! It gives you a bunch of options.

    Viðarr, Apr 5, 2006
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