Windows 8 and Asus P5Q Pro Turbo

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Bill Anderson, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. I've downloaded the Win8 beta and this morning I disconnected all the
    current drives from my P5Q Pro Turbo, plugged in a spare, and installed
    Windows 8 on it under AHCI. The installation went smoothly and
    everything seemed to be working.

    Then I installed the ICH10 driver that I must use under Windows 7 in
    order to make the board's Drive Xpert feature work. (It's a quasi-RAID
    feature that combines drives connected to the board's orange and white
    SATA sockets.) I had to use Windows compatibility mode to install
    anything from the P5Q's installation disk.

    Then I tried plugging in my other drives: one 3-gig HDD, two 1-gig HDDs
    running together under Drive Xpert, and a 1.5-gig HDD. Windows 8
    promptly croaked.

    Actually, when I tried to boot with all the drives connected, I got a
    warning screen saying I had a "DPC Watchdog Violation" and that I should
    look it up if I wanted to know what that meant. So after re-booting
    with the drives disconnected I looked it up and found nothing helpful.
    Most people are seeing it pop up while running, as some sort of BSOD
    that appears unexpectedly. I couldn't get that far; I simply couldn't
    get Win8 to run, to get past the Violation screen at boot.

    I did a little more troubleshooting. I discovered that I'd see the
    Violation screen at boot with either the 3-gig drive connected by
    itself, or with it disconnected and just the two 1-gig drives connected
    as a pair.

    I didn't see the Violation at all with just the 1.5 gig drive connected.
    In fact, with just that drive connected Win8 would boot just fine. wouldn't recognize the drive. BIOS could see it, but not Win8.

    When I took the Win8 drive out of the system and replaced it with my
    Win7 boot drive (SSD) with all the drives plugged in, everything went
    right back to normal. I'm running Win7 just fine. So what's up with
    Win8? Anybody had any experience with it yet? Thanks.
    Bill Anderson, Jul 11, 2012
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  2. Bill Anderson

    Paul Guest

    What happens if you install Windows 8, and just use whatever
    it has for ICH10 driver ? DriveExpert is probably just a Silicon Image
    chip "faking" a RAID, and doesn't need a driver to gain access.
    Only if you were attempting to configure it, or make changes to
    the RAID behind the chip, would you need additional software.
    And you might be able to manage that, from a BIOS screen
    (change mode etc).

    ICH10R ----
    ---------- SIL5723 --- orange
    --- white

    The SIL5723 presents a "fake" SATA drive to the ICH10R.
    And shouldn't need a driver as such. The drives behind the
    SIL5723 would be "less observable".

    And there's nothing on this page that looks modern enough to help.
    It's not clear, whether this works in-band, through the SATA cable,
    or only works in designs where the I2C enclosure bus or equivalent
    is hooked up. The I2C bus isn't typically wired up on motherboards.
    It's more for something like a NAS design with multiple drive bays.

    Paul, Jul 11, 2012
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  3. Thanks, Paul. I may give that a try. Seems unlikely, but maybe the
    problem is the result of disconnecting all data drives during
    installation. Maybe if they'd been there, Windows 8 would have seen them.

    Yikes, I've just noticed that in my original post I talked about "gig"
    when I meant "TB." It's a three terabyte drive that causes Win8 to give
    the violation screen and it's 1.5 terabyte drive that Win8 just wouldn't
    recognize. And of course there are two identical 1-TB drives that need
    to work together under Drive Xpert, and they produce the violation
    screen too.

    I just don't want anything to happen to the data on all my disks, and
    that's why I disconnected them before playing around with Win8. I
    suppose I can make sure I have everything vital backed up and give Win8
    installation another shot with all drives attached. Maybe I'll get
    brave in a day or so. We'll see. Thanks again.
    Bill Anderson, Jul 12, 2012
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