Windows 98 printer shares & vista Printer shares work only until thecomputers are turned off

Discussion in 'HP' started by SlickRCBD, Aug 20, 2009.

  1. SlickRCBD

    SlickRCBD Guest

    I have an HP DeskJet 812C that has been hooked up to my Windows 98SE
    computer for MANY years and shared with Windows XP without incident.

    My Windows XP machine died a few months ago, and I replaced it with a
    computer running Windows Vista 64-bit Home Premium. I also installed
    Windows XP Pro under Virtual PC on the Vista computer for those time
    when I need to log in to the company domain via VPN.

    I've had no problems with the share under the virtual machine, but
    every time I want to print with Windows Vista, I have to reinstall the
    printer. Visa reports the printer is "offline" and merely holds the
    document in queue. I can't connect to the printer, and the "use
    printer online" option does nothing.

    How do I fix this so that the printer works all the time? It only
    seems to happen after both computers have been switched off and
    leaving them on is NOT an option. I turn the comptuers off before
    going to bed except about once a month when i defragment the win98
    machine. It can't be a physical problem and I doubt it's a problem on
    the 98 end because the virtual machine on the same computer using the
    same hardware has no problems printing to the DeskJet 812C. This is
    Virtual PC running Windows XP Pro under Vista Home Premium, yet i t
    has no problems printing. Ditto when I tried installing 98 on a
    virtual machine. It had no problem printing.

    I might be setting things up wrong, as it was slightly different from
    how I recall doing it in XP. Could somebody please give me a step-by-
    step walkthrough on how to set up a printer shared by win98 in Vista?
    The WIn98 machine does NOT have Vista 64 drivers (or XP drivers) so I
    usually need to print to a port and use the Microsoft provided HP
    Deskjet 810/812C driver to do the rendering client-side.

    Alternately, could somebody tell me how to make a batch file or script
    to automatically remove the old printer & port and create new ones so
    I can simply pin it to the start menu and click it before printing?
    SlickRCBD, Aug 20, 2009
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  2. SlickRCBD

    Ben Myers Guest

    I suspect that Windows 98 and Vista are too many generations apart to
    hope for any coordination between them.

    I find sharing anything on an older Windows computer with Vista be a
    real pain in the ass, and somewhat unpredictable. To share a printer in
    an earlier environment with Vista, first make sure they are both in the
    same workgroup, MSHOME, WORKGROUP, YOURGROUP, or whatever. Then set up
    the printer under Windows 98 as shared. Beyond that it gets dicey, as
    you've seen. The easiest way with Vista is to Add New Printer, "search"
    for printers, then enter in the name of the Win98 and the printer share
    name if and when the Vista computer does not find any printers. The
    format is something like: \\win98computer\Deskjet812C . If that does
    not work, I do not know what to say. Vista was not bron right... Ben Myers
    Ben Myers, Sep 12, 2009
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