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Discussion in 'Compaq' started by barbibiz, Jul 28, 2004.

  1. barbibiz

    barbibiz Guest

    Anyone really good with Windows XP professional?
    I am not, having only been using it for a few weeks.
    However my laptop(compaq) normally opens to the desktop.
    The other day, being stupid ( I am being that alot lately) I was fiddling
    with something in Windows and the next time I turned on the laptop it went
    to the window where you have multiple users (with their names are and
    passwords?) I dont have any other user so normally I do not see this window
    e x c e p t for now ...
    well it opens to this window and there is noone ( no nmaes, no administrator
    or anything!) and I cant go anyfurther other than to turn off.
    Now by chance I have a new copy of windows XP professional and I try to give
    it a "clean install" the CD wont even work.
    Any ideas,? any help? what can I do? Normally not this stupid and I have
    used Windows for 10 years (w3.11.w95 w98)
    The remedy would be great, ?
    thanks in advance
    barbibiz, Jul 28, 2004
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  2. barbibiz

    HH Guest

    It would help to know what you were "fiddling with." User Accounts in
    Control Panel possibly?
    HH, Jul 28, 2004
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  3. barbibiz

    barbibiz Guest

    Yes HH I was in the control panel, I am not sure if I was there
    particulary in the user accounts ( but probably was)
    Okay I give up. Any clues to what I can do?
    barbibiz, Jul 28, 2004
  4. barbibiz

    barbibiz Guest

    Thanks for your advice, but there is no administrator box just the page
    that would normally have that on.
    barbibiz, Jul 28, 2004
  5. barbibiz

    GasMan Guest

    Try Ctrl Alt Delete and enter Administrator for the username, leave
    the pw blank and see if that gets you in.

    Please remove obvious from email address if emailing.
    GasMan, Jul 28, 2004
  6. barbibiz

    barbibiz Guest

    Thankyou to the people whom replied re my problem: it now has been fixed..
    I installed a new copy of windows XP professional.. did it by putting the
    CD in and then re starting it and then somehow going from there..but it is
    working fine now.
    It did ask my name so it could set up that horrid page.
    thanks again
    barbibiz, Jul 29, 2004
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