Windows Media Player Will Not Open

Discussion in 'Compaq' started by Von Fourche, Dec 7, 2004.

  1. Von Fourche

    Von Fourche Guest

    I'm currently running Windows ME on a Compaq Presario (128 ram, 40gb hard
    drive, 21 gb used and 17 free.) Over the summer I downloaded theWindows
    Media player that comes with XP (the one that lets you rate the
    songs). It's been running perfectly and hasn't given me any problems up to

    A few days ago I was trying to play an avi file but Windows Media Player
    jammed up and wouldn't open. I restarted my computer and the avi file still
    wouldn't open. Not only that, I couldn't get windows media player to open
    at all. I did play the avi clip with real media player without any

    Whenever I click on the windows media player shortcut on my desktop I
    think it tries to open but gets jammed. When I hit alt-Ctrl-Delete I can
    see "Wmplayer" listed. Also, it slows my computer down. I have to hit "end
    task" to kill the program. I can not get the player to open at all.

    Also, I just remembered - before I downloaded that avi file I was on the
    XM Radio web site trying to listen to their audio stream free for three
    days. I've been listening to their audio stream for free for the last week
    without any trouble (I've been creating different e-mail address). But that
    night their audio stream would not play at all. Then later that night when
    I tried playing that avi clip Windows Media Player wouldn't open. I'm
    wondering if that XM Radio player might have screwed things up.

    I've tried using system restore about six times tonight but I keep
    getting the message - system restore will not/can not let you restore. I
    have plenty of space on my hard drive and partition for system restore to

    Ok, where do I go from here?

    Von Fourche, Dec 7, 2004
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  2. Do you mean 9 series or 10 series of Windows Media Player? If it is
    series 10, I am surprised that it installed and I am not surprised that
    you have problems, series 10 is XP only.

    The choice of download for series 9 is dependant on operating system.
    If you managed to get the wrong version to load on ME I would expect to
    get problems.

    You could check to see if Windows Media Player is listed in Add/Remove
    programs (the correct version of series 9 is not) and remove it.
    (Start-> Settings-> Control Panel-> Add/Remove Programs and look at the
    list). Failing that you could try removing Media Player 1.0 from
    Windows Setup (Start-> Settings-> Control Panel-> Add/Remove Programs
    and look under the Windows Setup tab under multimedia) although I do not
    hold much hope here.
    You did perform all the Windows ME updates? There is a bug in the
    System Restore shipped with ME, whereby snapshots taken after 8
    September 2001 are incorrectly date stamped and will (according to
    Microsoft 'may') work. There is a bug fix for this. However it wipes
    out all previous snapshots.

    To run Windows Update open Internet Explorer, Tools-> Windows Update and
    follow the instructions.
    Probably Quick Restore Disks and then Windows Update, which will offer
    you the opportunity to install series 9 of Windows Media Player, or
    install Windows ME from an install disk. Either way you will loose any
    data on your hard drive.
    Nicholas D Richards, Mar 7, 2005
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