Windows XP install woes - solved

Discussion in 'Compaq' started by Paul D.Smith, Feb 10, 2005.

  1. Paul D.Smith

    Paul D.Smith Guest

    This is a post to document problems I had installing Windows XP on an old
    Compaq Presario 7461 (but probably applies to other models).

    1. Install Windows XP goes through first stage (copy from CD to hard-disk)
    the fails to reboot.

    Basically both the hard-drive and the CD-ROM were wired to the wrong
    connectors on the ATA cables. Put the hard-drive on the _end_ of the 80-way
    (thin ribbon cable) and the CD-ROM in the _middle_ of the 40-way (thicker)
    ribbon cable with the CD-ROM set to MASTER.

    Reboot and carry on!

    2. During next phase, Windows XP gets to about "13 minutes left" and hangs.

    This is apparently a result of Windows XP trying to load a long list of
    drivers, some of which don't like the Compaq. Either leave the machine
    along and eventually (hours later!) it should have rebooted a few times and
    sorted itself out (but see note [1]) or reboot now (using power switch!).

    On each reboot, Windows XP will skip the drivers it knows have failed to
    load (it keeps a list as it goes along) and eventually Windows XP
    instalation will complete.

    [1] Irritatingly, on each reboot it waits for you to asy "I have a
    UK/US/French etc keyboard" before continuing so check after about 20 minutes
    into the reboot!

    Hope this helps someone.
    Paul DS.
    Paul D.Smith, Feb 10, 2005
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