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WinFast tv2000 Video/audio out of sync

Discussion in 'ATI' started by Flamer, Oct 8, 2006.

  1. Flamer

    Flamer Guest

    Hi I have a winfast tv2000 RM card, when i go to record something off
    tv and save to the hdd the video starts getting behind the audio, i
    recorded a 2.5 hour programme by the end the audio was 45 seconds ahead
    of the video.

    I am using the capture profile divx, using standard encoding, I have
    tried mpeg and that is even worse (captures 1 frame every 2-3seconds).

    The box is running winxp pro, athlon 64 3000+, 1 gig ram, approx 100gig
    free hdd, 128mg 6600gt graphics adapter, onboard realtek ac97 sound.

    any suggestions?? I am running the latest forceware drivers and I am
    sure the sound drivers are up to date.

    Flamer, Oct 8, 2006
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  2. Flamer

    First of One Guest

    This is unrelated to any ATi product. Hopefully the advice from deimos in
    the nVidia group will solve your problem.

    If it doesn't, then I wonder if the capture/compression workload is too much
    for your system. DivX MPEG4 encoding is a pretty brutal process. You need a
    fast CPU to encode in real-time at a decent resolution like 640x480.

    The video lag could also be caused by different recording and playback
    framerates. (i.e. you record at 30 fps, but play it at 29.97 fps), due to
    some incorrectly set flag in the recorded video file. 45 seconds after 2.5
    hours is 0.5% off.
    First of One, Oct 9, 2006
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  3. Flamer

    johns Guest

    Problem you are having is true of all pci tv-tuner cards.
    The pci bus simply is not fast enough, and your card
    is dropping video frames, so the sound is getting ahead
    on the recording. I have one of the best tv-tuner cards
    on the market ( Hauppauge PVR 350 ), and it has the
    same problem. There is no fix. I switched to one of the
    cheaper tv-tuners ... ATI 550 Pro pci-e X1 cards, and
    that problem totally went away ... because ... it is
    running on the pci-e bus, and has all the speed it needs.

    johns, Oct 15, 2006
  4. Flamer

    Tom Scales Guest

    I have 6 tuner cards and it doesn't happen on any of them. Four are in the
    same machine and all keep up.

    It only happens with Software encoding cards in slower machines.

    Tom Scales, Oct 15, 2006
  5. Flamer

    johns Guest

    It only happens with Software encoding cards in slower machines.

    My 350 is THE top card in the pci group, and it has that problem,
    but not all the time. The problem is based on signal strength, and
    it is possible for the pci card to keep up if signal strength is high
    enough. Also, there is nothing slow about an AMD Athlon 64
    3000+ machine. It is a rocket as far a processing data off the
    pci bus is concerned. The problem is totally the pci bus, and
    it is waaaaay past time for Hauppauge and gang to admit it
    and switch to the pci-e bus. And for the rest of you ... don't
    buy this garbage !!!!! You will be pretty darn mad if you do.
    Get the pci-e tv-tuner cards, and enjoy your PVR instead of
    spending all your time trying to make it work.

    johns, Oct 16, 2006
  6. Flamer

    Tom Scales Guest

    Well......actually the 350 is a pretty old card and the 150 is far superior.
    An audio sync problem has nothing to do with signal strength.

    The amount of data coming through the card is trivial and doesn't even
    approach the bandwidth of the PCI bus.

    I have 5, count'em 5, Hauppauge cards on one older P4-2.4 machine and it has
    NO problem recording 5 concurrent shows flawlessly.

    I don't spend any time 'making it work'. Worked out of the box for me a
    thousands, if not millions of others. You're having a problem that is
    unusual. Join a forum, any forum, and ask how to solve the problem. It's
    your configuration, not the bus.

    Doesn't even remotely need PCI-e. Neither does HD.

    Tom Scales, Oct 17, 2006
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