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Wipe vs Wipe Media!

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by Joseph Fenn, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. Joseph Fenn

    Joseph Fenn Guest

    Found out the difference finally between the above to functional things.
    Wipe really creams your C: drive or any drive you use it on. In
    fact it dont even leave a C: prompt or nothing just a blank screen

    Wipe Media however does clean your c: drive, but reformats it and
    leaves the c: prompt active next time you power up. So if you
    use GHOST or ACRONIS or whatever imageing software and you use
    WIPE your not gonna be able to get a c: prompt to restore the image
    to and you gotta go back to at least install win98sa, then take
    a UPgrade version disk (which I have) and finally install winxp/pro
    all over again. So next time I get angry enuff I will just
    use Wipe media, and with about 10 mins after power up I can
    call the image from my external maxtor USB port and it will take
    the image from F: and put it right back into c: .

    Just make sure you have GHOST or ACRONIS on both your c: drive
    and on your external DR that has the image on it and in a short
    time your back up and running !!! Goleeeee! as that guy from
    Alabama would say.
    Kokomo Joe

    w* Army MARS PRECEDED by AARS (Army Amateur Radio System) *
    Joseph Fenn, Jul 28, 2006
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