wireless access point problems, mac - usb dsl modem

Discussion in 'Apple' started by edwin van gorp, Jul 17, 2004.

  1. Hi guys,

    I'm trying to connect a wireless access point via ethernet to a mac.
    The mac is connected to the net through a dsl modem and works fine.
    I just don't get my wireless device (dell axim) connected to the net

    This is the situation:
    I can ping with a mobile device ( to the access point
    I can ping with a mobile device ( to the mac ethernet card
    I CAN'T ping to any external IP addresses

    My DSL modem (sagem fast 800) is set up for dynamic IP (shows IP, router

    To me it seems there is no connection between the ethernet port and
    the adsl connection.

    What do you think?

    edwin van gorp, Jul 17, 2004
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  2. edwin van gorp

    noman Guest

    Your post mentions a Mac, an Axim "wireless device", a "wireless
    access point" and, later, a "mobile device". Only two of the
    connections are described clearly. There's no description at all of
    the wireless access point and how it's configured. It also mentions
    "ethernet" on the Mac but doesn't say what the ethernet is connected
    to. Or did you mean ethernet over usb? And I'm guessing, though I'm
    not at all sure, that the "mobile device" and the "wireless device"
    are two names for the same thing, ie, the Axim.

    You need to describe your network configuration much more clearly.

    Presumably it looks more or less as follows. You have an Airport (or
    equivalent), and it's configured to run a standalone network, with no
    uplink to anything else. This is your "wireless access point" (wap).
    The Axim "wireless device" (aka "mobile device") is connected
    wirelessly to the wap. The Mac has a usb connection to the modem, and
    is also connected by some means to the wap, either with a wired
    connection, using an ethernet downlink port on wap, or a wireless
    connection, using an airport card (or equivalent).

    This is speculation but it's consistent with the info you provided.
    Is it by any chance correct? If it is, then the Mac is the only
    device directly on both networks. This means the only chance you have
    of getting the Axim on the public internet is by having the Mac act as
    router between the wap network and the usb modem network. Whether
    this possible at all and exactly how you would do it depends on
    details you haven't provided yet, in particular, what kind of wap you
    have, how it's configured and how the Mac is connected to it.
    noman, Jul 17, 2004
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  3. Thanks Noman,

    Let me be a bit clearer:

    usb modem
    imac (without airport)
    Dell 1170 wireless access point ( through
    ethernet port to mac)
    Dell Axim ( connection)

    -The Imac has connection to the net and works fine
    -From the Dell Axim I can ping the Dell 1170 wireless access point
    -From the Dell Axim I can ping the ethernet port ( the
    -From the Axim I CAN'T ping the dynamic IP assigned to the imac
    -From the Axim I CAN'T ping any external IP addresses

    I'm lost. Should I get an fixed IP to make things easier?

    edwin van gorp, Jul 17, 2004
  4. edwin van gorp

    noman Guest

    Good, that was the key missing info.

    I'm not familiar with this device, but the descriptions I found on the
    net suggest it has one ethernet port. Is that correct? Or does it
    have two? If it has one, is there a configuration option to switch
    it between uplink and downlink?

    One more question: can you get your isp to give you a modem with an
    ethernet connection, instead of usb? Is that an option?

    You _might_ be able to do what you want with the Sharing/Internet
    preference on the Mac (in System Preferences). It depends on what the
    1170 supports.

    No, that won't help.

    What you have now is two completely separate networks. Using its usb
    port to the dsl modem, your Mac is directly on the public internet.
    That's the first network. Your 1170 wireless access point has defined
    a completely separate, local network, consisting of the Mac (using its
    ethernet port) and the Axim. The Mac is on both networks but there's
    no logical connection between them. That's why the Axim can't reach
    the public internet. Making your Mac act as a router might be a way
    to get the two networks connected. That's what the Sharing/Internet
    preference does.
    noman, Jul 17, 2004
  5. edwin van gorp

    Mike Zulauf Guest

    This is by no means universal. I have DSL, and my provider gives me a
    static IP address. No PPPoE or even DHCP. . .

    Mike Zulauf, Jul 17, 2004
  6. edwin van gorp

    noman Guest

    I don't think this is relevant, given that the "router" (the wap)
    isn't connected to the modem. It can't be, because the modem is usb
    and the wap doesn't support that. The _Mac_ is connected to the
    modem, and that part is working fine. With this hardware he needs a
    way to route the wireless network through the Mac to the modem. It's
    a bit of a mess, not your typical shared-modem situation.
    noman, Jul 17, 2004
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