wireless netwok, off-topic, but I have 2 gateways ;)

Discussion in 'Gateway' started by afsoun, Jul 10, 2003.

  1. afsoun

    afsoun Guest

    I am buying a house that is prewired with CAT-5 everywhere. The cable comes
    into the house in a metal closet from whence all in-house wiring emanates,
    so I can't put a wireless router there (signal wouldn't get out due to
    metal, I think). There will be two computers in the immediate future, one a
    wired desktop and the other a laptop for which I intend to buy a card to use
    wireless. They will be in close proximity to each other in the family room,
    so for right now I could... cable into house to modem in metal closet
    wired to the outlet in the family room, and then hook up the wireless
    router. But... Later if I want to add another wired computer in, say, a
    bedroom, I would have to have a router in the metal closet. At that point,
    the wireless router would be serving simply as a WAP in the family room.

    So, is there any problem with that? Would I have to turn something "off" in
    the wireless router (e.g., a firewall) so that the wired computer in the
    bedroom could see the wireless computer in the family room (which would then
    be 2 routers away. Sorry for the newbie questions. I haven't got a clue,
    but then that is why I am here asking)

    In essence, is it better to buy (1) a router and a WAP now (Router in metal
    closet, from which I could connect to any/all rooms, and WAP in the family
    room), or (2) a wireless router now (In the family room) and a router later
    if needed? I see that a WAP and a wireless router go for about the same
    price, so is there any downside to option 2? Other possibilities I am

    TIA for any help,

    afsoun, Jul 10, 2003
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