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Wishbone, TSK3000 and endianness problem

Discussion in 'Embedded' started by argee, Apr 16, 2008.

  1. argee

    argee Guest

    Hi all,

    I'm working on interfacing a custom IP core to a TSK3000 (Altium's
    P/H:MIPS-like soft processor) over WISHBONE bus and it seems I've run
    into some endianness problems. I've always been confused by endianness
    issues and now, after a few days of debugging both hardware and
    software, my head is ready to explode.

    The TSK3000's datasheet states that the processor uses only BIG endian
    byte ordering, so I started from that. After I created the interface for
    my core, connected it through Altium's "Configurable Wishbone
    Interconnect" and started running test apps, I observed a strange
    behavior which led me to further debugging and eventually to hooking up
    a logical analyzer to the bus. I've hardcoded WISHBONE SLAVE DAT_O(31
    downto 0) to 0x44332211 and have tried different pointer games with the
    design and this is what bothers me:

    When I read form the interface using uint32_t *, I get the same
    hardcoded data (0x44332211). The WISHBONE specification states that the
    byte ordering for 32-bit BIG endian ports with byte granularity is...
    well.. big-endianny. I.e. BYTE(0) of a 32-bit word should be the one at
    DAT_O(31 downto 24), and BYTE(3) should be at DAT_O(7 downto 0). So I
    expect that my C variable should be 0x11223344 (?). This behavior seems
    a bit little-endiany to me... On the other hand, when I access the
    interface though uint8_t *, only SEL_I(3) is active and 0x44 is read
    which is the correct big endian BYTE(0).

    What am I doing/thinking wrong? *nisc_ctrl_8Any help/ideas would be
    greatly appreciated!


    argee, Apr 16, 2008
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