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Wondershare iMate version free registration code

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by pupuweb.com Blog, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. Wondershare iMate is an advanced application designed to manage and
    transfer files between iPod / iPhone / iPad and PC. With Wondershare
    iMate users can quickly transfer and back up
    music,videos,photos,ebooks from iOS devices to PC or iTunes.
    Furthermore, it can also create ringtones, rip DVDs and convert videos
    to AVI, WMV, MPG, FLV, etc. to iPad, iPhone or iPod.

    Key Features :
    - Backup iPad/iPhone/iPod to iTunes.
    - Transfer between iPad/iPhone/iPod and PC.
    - Convert audios/videos to iPad/iPhone/iPod.
    - Convert DVDs to iPad/iPhone/iPod.
    - Extract audio from video files.
    - Create iPhone ringtones from audios.
    - Generate iPhone ringtones from videos.
    - Customize iPhone ringtone settings.
    - Save all your photos and camera videos to PC.
    - Manage photos and ebooks.

    As part of April Fools’ Day promotion, Wondershare is currently giving
    away free full version license keys of Wondershare iMate. The giveaway
    is exclusively available to Wondershare Facebook fans. Note that free
    upgrade / tech support is not available for giveaway. iMate normally
    costs $59.95 to purchase, to get it for free follow these steps :

    1. Visit the Wondershare Facebook page [http://www.facebook.com/
    2. Click on the “Like” button
    3. Enter your name, email and click the “Get keycode” button, the
    registration code will be sent to your mailbox.
    4. Download and install Wondershare iMate [23.40MB][http://

    Registration information:
    Product name: Wondershare iMate
    Licensed e-mail:
    Registration code: 58EFB500E979E80BAC54B515CFE65319
    License type: Single-User Personal License (Giveaway)
    **Both licensed e-mail and registration code are case sensitive.**

    Alex Lim
    pupuweb.com Blog, Apr 1, 2011
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