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Working Temperature Range for P4

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Ricky Romaya, Jun 14, 2005.

  1. Ricky Romaya

    Ricky Romaya Guest


    Anybody could tell me, or point me to a resource, regarding a list of
    working temperature limits of Intel Pentium4 2.0-3.4GHz processors (both
    478 and LGA; northwood, presscott, and EE series)? What are the
    normal/recommended working temperatures, and max safe limit for each of
    those processors?

    Ricky Romaya, Jun 14, 2005
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  2. Ricky Romaya

    drg Guest

    I don't know of a site right off-hand but the max op. temp is 65 to 70
    degrees C, I think.

    My 478 2.5 intel celeron, slightly overclocked to 2.67 runs in the 20 to
    30 degrees C range with just fans.

    drg, Jun 14, 2005
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  3. Ricky Romaya

    DaveW Guest

    The ideal operating temperatures for all P4's is between 37 - 47C. The
    MAXIMUM operating temp for P4's under load is 70 C.
    DaveW, Jun 15, 2005
  4. Ricky Romaya

    kony Guest

    The temp can vary by 5-10C based on the specific CPU core
    and frequency. See http://www.intel.com for the specifics
    per each CPU. In general, the max temp is around 85-90C,
    but the maximum temp at which one can expect stable
    operation (at stock speeds) is closer to 70C, a little
    higher for the lower speeds in each family and a little
    higher for the upper speeds per family.

    Recommended temps are dependant on the application- one
    cannot realistically expect some configurations (particuarly
    low-profile chassis) to provide as much airflow or heatsink
    clearance as larger chassis. A ballpark might be 46C, in a
    typical 24C room. IE- 22C over the ambient temp, so if your
    ambient were 30C, it'd be expected that CPU temp rises to
    52C. As a processor's frequency increases (with all other
    things remaining equal) the heat also linearly increases, so
    the upper speed Prescotts would have a bit more than 22C
    rise over ambient.

    If you put your questions into a context it might be easier
    tailor an answer, but the general idea is that with a
    typical climate-controlled room (moderate ambient temp) and
    a case designed as per AMD or Intel guidelines, either CPU
    will stay cool enough with the respective retail CPU boxed
    heatsink... and one does not have to be concerned about
    hitting any specific threshold except to keep the CPU cool
    enough that it remains stable.

    That max stable temp can vary per specimen of CPU also, so
    it's a good idea to test this stability at full load in the
    max anticipated ambient temps. Such tests much check the
    work done by the CPU else errors would go unnoticed.
    Towards that end Prime95's Torture Test is a good one if ran
    for minimum of 45minutes, but practically for hours or a
    whole day.
    kony, Jun 15, 2005
  5. Ricky Romaya

    G Guest

    DRG - How in the world do you get a temp of 20C (68F) in the case? Even
    30C is only 86F and that'd be only some 10-15 degrees F over normal
    ambient room temp. I hope you wear a set of good long johns when you're
    at your computer -- it must be in a refrigerator or maybe even a deep

    One site I saw quotes max for a P4 as 64-78 C, dependent on the
    particular processor, pretty consistent with your 65-70.
    G, Jun 15, 2005
  6. Ricky Romaya

    drg Guest

    pretty much what I said.
    drg, Jun 15, 2005
  7. Ricky Romaya

    Clyde Guest

    I have the P4 3.2 GHz Prescott - assuming there is only one flavor of
    those. I have a Zalman CNPS7000-Cu heatsink/fan cooling it. This is a
    very heavy duty cooling unit. I'm running these on an Intel D865GBF
    mobo. I have the side case fan blowing in near the processor. Three
    other case fans (plus powersupply) are blowing out. I monitor this with
    the "Intel Active Monitor" software.

    In normal operation with light loads (Firefox and Thunderbird) it says
    in the low to mid 40s. Doing nothing keeps it sitting at 41C.

    When I crank up Photoshop CS in batch mode and start hammering it with
    some of those CPU heavy filters, the temp will work in the low to mid
    50s. Intel has the "yellow" warning alarm going off at 57C. The default
    "red" warning level is set at 69C. I don't know when the slowdown starts

    When I hear the alarm going off for "yellow" I know that my Zalman is
    getting coated with dust. It's time to shut it down and blow out the
    fins and everything inside the computer. When clean, I have never been
    able to get it into "yellow", even with both sides of HT maxed out. Then
    again, that Zalman 7000 is a pretty good cooling tool.

    Clyde, Jun 15, 2005
  8. Ricky Romaya

    Mxsmanic Guest

    Do you have filters on the incoming fans?
    Mxsmanic, Jun 15, 2005
  9. Ricky Romaya

    RJ Guest

    Intel specs the max temp of my P4 2.8 Ghz (75watt) Northwood core as
    75C but the Prescotts are (100watt) spec'd for a max of 65C. With
    their extended pipeline, hot temperatures, higher power disipation,
    and lower max temperature, I wonder why anyone gets a Prescott.
    My Northwood beats a 3.0 ghz Prescott without even overclocking it.
    RJ, Jun 16, 2005
  10. Ricky Romaya

    kony Guest

    Same reason anyone who wasn't video-editing (et al apps
    w/SSE3 opts) bought a P4 all along, that the "numbers" are
    bigger. Prescott has higher MHz. Additionally, that
    they're (moreso every day) becoming lower priced because
    those who sell at lowest markups, sell the most stock and
    turn over inventory faster, so those vendors run out of
    Northwoods and are ordering what's now available in bulk-
    kony, Jun 16, 2005
  11. Ricky Romaya

    Clyde Guest

    Yes. Well, somewhat. I put a used fabric softener sheet over the fan
    intake hole. It filters out most of the dust, etc. It doesn't filter out
    all of it, but I doubt anything would. I change it every couple of
    weeks. That means that I only blow out the Zalman and case 2 or 3 times
    a year.

    Clyde, Jun 16, 2005
  12. Ricky Romaya

    Clyde Guest

    I got a Prescott, because that is what was available when I stupidly
    screwed up my 3.0 Northwood.

    I keep reading that the Prescott is slower than the Northwood. My 3.2
    Prescott runs a tad faster than the 3.0 Northwood that I had. It isn't
    much, but it is slightly noticeable for what I do.

    Yes, it runs slightly hotter, but it is designed to run slightly hotter.
    The default alarms in Intel Active Monitor are set higher for my
    Prescott. It hits the "yellow" at 57C and the "red" at 69C. (Not 65C) In
    practice, it doesn't make any difference. In normal operation, the temp
    is about the same. The fan isn't making any more noise. The room isn't
    any hotter. It doesn't activate the alarms any more often.

    Besides, someday the software will be optimized for the longer pipeline
    in Prescott.

    Clyde, Jun 16, 2005
  13. Ricky Romaya

    kony Guest

    That seems awefully optimistic considering Northwood had
    relatively long pipes already and now with Pentium-M and
    dual cores arriving.
    kony, Jun 17, 2005
  14. Ricky Romaya

    Clyde Guest

    Should we not be optimistic about the great Intel. ;-) Well, that was
    the plan anyway. Who knows what will really happen. Not me. Duel cores
    very likely changed that plan. Pentium-M has been around longer than my
    3.2 Prescott. Well, it's still good for today.

    Clyde, Jun 17, 2005
  15. Ricky Romaya


    Aug 28, 2008
    Likes Received:
    My System Temp Range ...

    my p4 3.4 ghz is overclocked to 3.79 ghz and runs at 49-52 degres in normal use and reaches 57degrees max in full load and while in a game it reaches 69 degree max .
    i use a asus cpu cooler and a combination of 8 fans in my case to help air circulation and my asus (p4gdc deluxe) motherboard temp. is in the range on 35 to 36 degree max , my vga (XFX 8800 GTX 768Mb) goes to 64 degree to 72 maximum even in GAMES using dx 10.

    Skull_Candy, Aug 28, 2008
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