Would I gain disk write and read speed with partions on raid 0 ?

Discussion in 'IBM' started by ?, Nov 17, 2003.

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    ? Guest

    I have a raid 0 with two Maxtor 120 Gig SATA drives setup as 1 striped 240
    GIG setup there are no other partitions. Would I have gained any hardrive
    performance if I would have set it up with a 3 partitions one for the
    operating system, one for scratch disk(paging file) and one to save files.
    I know that it helps to put your paging file on a separate hardrive if you
    have two hardrives setup normally but I'm not sure with a striped set.

    I also have an 80 gig ATA 133 available to use in the system.

    What I am looking for is the fastast possible read and write performance for
    large photoshop files and some video editing. Would it be faster if I setup
    the single ATA 133 drive with the operating system and programs and just
    used the striped set to save files to?
    ?, Nov 17, 2003
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