Would someone kindly explain HP Printer WinXP Home shareing syntax(printers & faxes dialog)?

Discussion in 'HP' started by Danny D, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. Danny D

    Danny D Guest

    Can someone who knows HP printers on Windows XP Home explain?

    I am trying to share an old printer across the wireless network.
    This printer is an HP LaserJet 3200m and it's connected directly to a
    Windows XP Home desktop PC.

    All I want to do is share that printer across the home wireless network
    (Linux and Windows laptops) using a simple name (for Linux especially) of
    something like "printer".

    Much to my chagrin, every time I rename my HP 3200m laserprinter in the
    WinXP home printers-and-faxes dialog box to something normal, like
    "printer", it keeps getting renamed on Windows XP Home to one or more of
    the following after a reboot. This renaming is frustrating!

    HP LaserJet 3200 Series PCL6
    HP LaserJet 3200 Series PCL

    Now, I'm all for brand names and the like, but nobody on the planet is
    going to remember that, or want to call a printer those names. Especially
    on Linux, where spaces and long useless stuff is considered bad form.

    Plus, I don't even know what PCL means and I can't fathom why I'd care if
    I had PCL6 versus PCL (and wish it would just go away and stay away).

    I only have one printer in the entire house. All I want is for it to be
    called "printer".

    So, I guess my question is multifold (borne out of ignorance):
    a. Why does "printer" keep being changed to "HP LaserJet 3200 Series PCL6"?
    b. What the heck is a PCL (and why should I care about PCL vs PCL6 anyway)?
    c. Who put this stuff here anyway? (I simply plugged in the printer!)

    Note: I'm the admin and the kids don't know how to add printers, so, if
    it's all done wrong, blame me and me alone.

    Can someone who knows HP culture please explain what is going on?

    Danny D, Jun 5, 2013
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  2. Danny D

    Danny D Guest

    Just to reiterate what I'm trying to accomplish:
    a) I have only one printer (the HP 3200m)
    b) It's hooked to only one PC (WinXP Home)
    c) The house is on a wireless network (MSHOME)
    d) All I want is for the printer to be called "printer".

    Nothing more than that! :)
    1. I don't want anything called "PCL".
    2. I don't want TWO printers (which HP insists on installing!)
    3. I don't want spaces in the name

    On Linux, I simply want the printer to have a short path:
    \\MSHOME\OFFICE\printer (i.e.,workgroup,machine-name,printer-name)

    Is there any way to disable whatever it is on the HP printer driver setup
    that insists on renaming the printer in the WinXP Home dialog box and
    that insists on creating multiple printer entries on WinXP Home, and
    which is preventing me from using very simple naming conventions?

    Danny D, Jun 5, 2013
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  3. Danny D

    Danny D Guest

    I just checked on another Windows XP Home machine, and the path is

    Start->Settings->Printers and Faxes
    HP LaserJet 3200 Series PCL6 on OFFICE

    Why is it so miserable to simply call the thing "printer"?
    The HP naming convention keeps coming back like a bad dream.

    To be sure, it's probably all my fault - and - it's probably half
    Windows' fault too - so I can't blame HP - but it's the HP printer that I
    simply want to call "printer" and I want that to stay called "printer".

    Should that be so difficult to accomplish?
    Sigh. What am I doing wrong?
    Danny D, Jun 5, 2013
  4. If the printer hangs off a Windows XP PC and you want to share it, it isn't
    a HP culture issue. Its a windows NT Share issue.

    That is you "share" the printer by going into Control Panel --> Printers and
    Find the HP printer, Right-Click on the printere and choose "Sharing" and
    the check the box "Share this printer" and give it a share name such as

    To access the printer from another computer it is

    So if your computer name is; Danny-PC then the UNC is \\Danny-PC\HP3200
    Likewise if the WinXP (Ex: Danny-PC) has a static IP address of then the UNC can also be expressed as;

    Other computers access that printer would have the HP LaserJet 3200 drivers
    installed with the Printer Port being ...
    \\Danny-PC\HP3200 or \\\HP32100

    Whether or not Linux can access a Windows Print Share I don't know.

    Thed other possibility, of course, is a Print Server such as a HP JetDirect.
    One that connects Ethernet to a Parallel Port or Ethernet to a USB Port or a
    Wireless JetDirect.

    As for PCL6 that is the HP Printer Control Language level 6 (as compared to
    say PCL5 or PCL level 5) it is the language that tells a computer how to
    communucate and control printing on HP printers.
    David H. Lipman, Jun 5, 2013
  5. Danny D

    Danny D. Guest

    Thanks for the PCL explanation. I realize you don't have to help, and I
    apologize, in advance, if my naming frustration leaks into my text. :)

    I really just want *one* printer in the Windows main PC, and I just want
    it to be called "printer".

    Every time I delete the second printer, and rename the first, what comes
    back are the two names, plus the first - and - worse yet - it kills the
    remote printing setup.

    So, in a way, I'm not sure if it's Windows or if it's the HP driver, but
    *something* is forcing those two names (i.e., PCL & PCL6), by making it
    miserable to simply have a single printer, called (duh) "printer".

    Danny D., Jun 5, 2013
  6. Danny D

    Danny D. Guest

    Thanks for that advice. I don't disagree with your assessment that it's
    Windows that the *other* machines on the network need to deal with.

    I did try your suggestion and it worked fine, because I had selected one
    of the HP printer entries (HP LaserJet 3200 Series PCL6) to be shared as

    So, this worked (sort of) on a remote WinXP Home PC:

    That brought up the printer menu; but, due to Windows' culture, the
    printer is actually named the horrific name below:

    Start->Settings->Printers and Faxes
    HP LaserJet 3200 Series PCL6 on WinXP_Computer_Name

    Oh well. Despite the unnecessarily complex names, at least the remote
    printing worked!

    Thanks for the advice.
    Danny D., Jun 5, 2013
  7. Danny D

    Danny D. Guest

    If I connect the printer directly to RHEL6 Linux, I see the printer with
    a crazy name in the "System->Administration->Printing" dialog box:
    Where Linux automagically loaded the drivers named:
    "HP LaserJet 3200m Postscript (recommended)"
    And, where printing directly to the wired printer worked just fine.

    Disconnecting the USB wire, wireless is a bit more effort on Linux,
    as you need to use the remote address of:
    Which, in my case, simplifies to:
    So, in my case, hopefully this turns into:

    Of course, I opened up the default RHEL6 firewall:
    Where I needed to enable the "Samba Client" as a trusted service.

    It's not working yet from Linux, but in time, it will.
    The frustrating thing is that I can get it to work as "printer" but then
    the minute I reboot the Windows XP Home machine, the HP drivers kick in
    to add the PCL and PCL6 names, and then remote printing fails on Linux

    So it's a vicious loop between Windows, HP, and Linux. :(
    Danny D., Jun 5, 2013
  8. Danny D

    Danny D. Guest

    OK. I got it to print from Linux to the printer over the air.

    One key correction is that the SAMBA syntax is not:
    But, actually:
    Where, in my case, the variables on WinXP Home are:
    SHARE-NAME = printer
    PRINTER-NAME = HP LaserJet 3200 Series PCL 6

    I'm deathly afraid of touching anything at this point, so, I'll leave the
    crazy HP names in the Windows world of:
    HP LaserJet 3200 Series PCL 6 --> shared simply as "printer"
    HP LaserJet 3200 Series PCL --> who knows why this keeps coming back?
    Danny D., Jun 5, 2013
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