Would you 'Aspire' to 'One' of these...?

Discussion in 'Acer' started by jb2198, Jul 20, 2008.

  1. jb2198

    jb2198 Guest

    Recently my gf bought the basic 8Gb NAND storage model for £249.99
    from PC World.

    Here's my impression.

    1. Nice build-quality;

    2. Awesome screen;

    3. Keyboard a bit flexy;

    4. Battery life about 2.5 hours - probably a tad more after proper

    5. Linpus Linux naff IMHO. Few apps and the usual hassle installing
    more/updating etc. Linux geeks should be okay though...provided they
    can connect to the update server (we couldn't);

    6. This model will run Win XP Pro SP2 fine (we tried it). Drivers from
    Acer Thai site;

    7. Webcam rubbish (only 0.3 megapixels);

    8. Under Linpus Linux neither the internal nor an external mic will
    record sound to webcam app (apparently mics only work with Skype and
    Messaging services). An external mic works okay with XP Pro. But sound
    quality is awful. The internal mic still produces only a hissing
    noise. Even in the highest quality setting webcam video was dead
    jerky. So altogether webcam seems pretty useless - unless you like
    making duff silent vid clips;

    9. Connected effortlessly to local WLAN;

    10. Easy to restore damaged installations. Will boot from a USB stick.
    Instructions included;

    11. Documentation sparse;

    12. Acer UK support virtually non-existent at the mo. No one there had
    'even seen an Aspire One yet'. So they couldn't help. We were invited
    to call a premium rate number next day for more info. Although the
    hardware is guaranteed for a year, the software is not, apparently,
    guaranteed at all. Hence you has to pay plenty for help with it;

    13. Sapphire Blue colour looks mighty cool;

    On the whole quite a quaint little unit and just about acceptable - to
    some perhaps - for the originally intended launch price of £199. But,
    given the above, way OTT at £250. So - back to the shop it went, and
    she's now saving for an Asus eeePc 901. A wise move here methinks.

    However, when this Aspire One becomes more available in the
    marketplace I guess the price will fall to a level that could make it
    a good buy for those just wanting rudimentary facilities in a neat
    package, and who can live with the shortcomings described. Cos let's
    be honest…

    The competition is bags more expensive and there's no doubt: the 'One'
    has a definite 'charm' that's impossible to explain.
    jb2198, Jul 20, 2008
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