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Discussion in 'Apple' started by Alek Trishan, May 17, 2014.

  1. Alek Trishan

    Alek Trishan Guest

    A writer friend of mine wrote:

    "The battery just swelled up and popped out of my old computer. I just
    noticed it. I don’t know that that can be fixed. I don’t know that it’s
    worth it to try. It’s seven years old. Maybe I should just let it go.
    But it still works. It’s working now, even with the battery popped out.
    I called my insurance company to see if they’ll pay for it to be
    repaired. Will let you know. That’s my backup. I need a backup!"

    And then, when I asked her about replacing the battery, she wrote,

    "I think it needs more than a battery. There’s some metal stuff that has
    exploded in it. More than the battery has exploded. I don’t know the
    model number. I only know the serial number, which wouldn’t help you.
    It’s a MacBook Pro, 17 inch. They’re not made anymore."

    Is there any help for her computer?

    How does she find the model designation?

    Disclaimer: the only thing I personally know about Macs in particular is
    that they are marketed by Apple.
    Alek Trishan, May 17, 2014
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  2. Alek Trishan

    nospam Guest


    first of all, remove the battery and have it disposed of properly. it's
    a ticking time bomb. it can explode and potentially make things much,
    much worse than they already are.

    also be sure the data is backed up. from what you write, it sounds like
    that's the only copy of her data, which is not good. if that's the
    case, then get an external drive and back it up asap (without the

    if she lives near an apple store, make an appointment with an apple
    genius and bring it in. they'll dispose of the battery and sell her a
    new one as well as check out the computer to see if there is anything
    else wrong. it's possible that they may swap out the hard drive so be
    sure the data is backed up *before* that.
    under the apple menu, choose about this mac.

    however that doesn't really matter since the batteries are the same for
    that era of macbook. all she needs is a battery for a 17" macbook pro
    and assuming the battery did not cause additional damage, a replacement
    battery might be all that's needed.

    on the other hand, 7 years is a long time in computing and it might be
    worthwhile to get a new macbook rather than sink money into one that
    old, especially if there is more than just the battery that needs
    that's a start.
    nospam, May 17, 2014
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  3. Alek Trishan

    Your Name Guest

    If the battery is removeable (usually a simple lock that can be turned
    with a coin), then the battery should be removed immediately. The
    laptop will still run while plugged into a wall socket.

    If the battery is not removeable, then stop using the laptop.

    You can buy replacement batteries, and if it's old enough to have a
    removeable battery, then it's easy for anyone to replace ... BUT, it
    depends on what that other "metal stuff" is and what other damage may
    have been done. Best to take it to an Apple Authorised repair shop and
    get them to look at it and give a quote on repair costs. It could be
    time for a new computer.
    Your Name, May 17, 2014
  4. Alek Trishan

    Alek Trishan Guest

    Alek Trishan has written on 5/16/2014 8:02 PM:
    I forgot to mention that she also has a 15" MacBook Pro with Retina display.
    Alek Trishan, May 17, 2014
  5. Alek Trishan

    nospam Guest

    then she already has the replacement.

    why is she still using a 7 year old macbook if she has a 15" mbp-retina?

    copy the data off the 17" and safely dispose of the battery, then sell
    the rest of it on ebay.
    nospam, May 17, 2014
  6. Alek Trishan

    Your Name Guest

    In that case, just transfer any user files (the easiest way is to us a
    USB stick or email them to herself) and throw away the broken laptop -
    wipe or remove the hard drive first though.

    Someone may even buy the broken laptop on eBay, CraigsList, or similar
    for parts.
    Your Name, May 17, 2014
  7. Alek Trishan

    nospam Guest

    no, the easiest way is using wifi or ethernet.
    they definitely will and for a surprisingly good price.
    nospam, May 17, 2014
  8. Alek Trishan

    Savageduck Guest

    He says it is an MBP 17'' I have one of those.
    There are two MBP categories those "Pre-Unibody" units with model
    numbers A1151, A1212, A1229 & A1261. Those have a user serviceable
    battery, and they can be had at a reasonable price from vendors such
    as OWC.
    Then there are the Uni-body MBPs. With those the battery is not user
    serviceable/replaceable (at least not without iFixit skills).

    Here is the iFixit Uni-Body MBP 17'' battery replacement guide.
    I also have a G4 PowerBook Pro 17'' which has a user serviceable
    battery which is simple to swap out.
    I would suggest that if the
    Savageduck, May 17, 2014
  9. Alek Trishan

    Savageduck Guest

    I meant to complete this with:
    If it is beyond practical repair by an authorized Apple store/repair
    facility. Then do what can be done to recover the data and part the
    carcass out.
    Savageduck, May 17, 2014
  10. Alek Trishan

    Alek Trishan Guest

    nospam has written on 5/16/2014 9:31 PM:
    The 17" is a backup for the 15". She's had hardware problems with the
    15" that required her not having it for several days at a time.
    Alek Trishan, May 17, 2014
  11. Alek Trishan

    Your Name Guest

    Well, she could be without either since you shouldn't be using the 17"
    with the battery still in it and it really needs to be taken in for a
    check and repair (which are may not be cost-effective to do).

    I have an idiot relation in England who barely uses their desktop
    computer, but bought a second one as a "backup". That second computer
    has never been even been taken out of its box! That was a few years
    ago, so that second one is now completely out-of-date and an utter
    waste of money. :-\
    Your Name, May 17, 2014
  12. Alek Trishan

    Tim Streater Guest

    Does the OP's friend have an external drive they use for Time Machine
    backup? And if not, why not?
    Tim Streater, May 17, 2014
  13. Alek Trishan

    Your Name Guest

    The "backup" in their case is ability to continue working on the second
    computer while the first is in for repairs ... not the backup of the
    files themselves.

    If it's "urgent" work-related, then they may be able to have a loan
    computer from the repair shop while their computer is being fixed -
    sometimes it's free, sometimes it's an extra cost. I did that when my
    original 17" Apple display died, although the loan display was only
    Your Name, May 17, 2014
  14. Alek Trishan

    Tim Streater Guest

    Eeeeyesss, I take the point, but there is still the point about the
    disk in the 15", sitting next to a battery that sounds as if it's about
    to go critical.
    Tim Streater, May 17, 2014
  15. Alek Trishan

    Alek Trishan Guest

    Your Name has written on 5/17/2014 6:33 PM:
    She said she would take it in.

    Wouldn't check and repair be more cost-effective than buying a
    replacement unit???
    Alek Trishan, May 18, 2014
  16. Alek Trishan

    Alek Trishan Guest

    Tim Streater has written on 5/17/2014 6:39 PM:
    Time Machine????
    Alek Trishan, May 18, 2014
  17. Alek Trishan

    nospam Guest

    depends on the cost of the repair, and even if it's repaired, it's
    still 7 years old.

    new macbooks start at $899, although with a smaller display, but for a
    backup, that might be fine. it can always be used with an external
    nospam, May 18, 2014
  18. Alek Trishan

    nospam Guest

    apple's automatic backup utility that's built into mac os.
    nospam, May 18, 2014
  19. Alek Trishan

    Alek Trishan Guest

    Tim Streater has written on 5/17/2014 6:54 PM:
    "The battery just swelled up and popped out of my old computer...There
    ís some metal stuff that has
    exploded in it. More than the battery has exploded."

    Sounds like it already went critical!

    The machine with the exploded battery is the 17" one.
    Alek Trishan, May 18, 2014
  20. Alek Trishan

    Alek Trishan Guest

    nospam has written on 5/17/2014 7:09 PM:
    Ah. Thanks.

    She has a 3TB hard drive that she uses for backups. I wonder why.
    Alek Trishan, May 18, 2014
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