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WTB: keyboard/ vga adapter for old sun sparc stations : asap

Discussion in 'Sun Hardware' started by tedo, Dec 28, 2003.

  1. tedo

    tedo Guest

    Ive got about 42 sparc stations 4,10, and 20's i want to boot up before
    parting out. I do not have a keyboard or monitor. anyone got a used/new
    Raritan Apsun PS/2-VGA To Sun Adapter they want to get rid of or a
    individual sun/vga and keyboard adapters. for these models. they seem to all
    have the same type video cards inside and brand.
    though i am not really familiar with sun products.
    i can also barter/trade for the adapter, if you need memory or other parts
    from these models. Ive also got a couple of 2's I believe.

    plus for trade see list below:

    13- 1.3gb rewritable optical disk 5.25 format
    1 mac ext usb superdisk [no ac adapter but uses 5v easy to find]
    1 bernoulli 270 ext drive with 2 disk scsi
    6 ehternet transcievers 15pin to rj45
    20-40 scsi hdd 1 to 2.5 gig, quantum, seagte and conner [many have sun os or
    linux on them]
    20 internal sony floppies for sparcs and toshiba scsi cdroms
    mac quadra with tv tuner and remote
    samplecell2 for mac nubus by digidesign
    digidesign protools harddisk accelarator for nubus
    many memory modules for older sparcs 1 - 20 and ultra.
    4meg/32M/64/128/256 kits. in 30 pin to 168 pin configs
    1- 2.5 gig rewritable verbatim optical disk cart 5.25 format
    mac s- video capture edit card svideo in/out - nubus brown socket type]
    parting out sparcs 4-20's , any parts you need or whole station. ask??
    powermac complete system 225mhz/g3 tower beige $50
    2 -agp videocards for pc 8-16meg ? ati rage and s3, and 3d labs
    hp scsi scanner 4p and 3c
    2 - external scsi cdrom , slimline model 6x or 8x ??
    old sparc station video cards.
    toshiba 8000 network port replicator for laptop
    3 or 4 laptop ac adapters for dell laptops, what model you need ??
    ms backoffice small business server v4.0 with 2 clients, in box all docs, CD
    ms proxy v2.0 in box all docs, CD
    ms frontpage 98 in box all docs, CD
    3- nt workstation manuals with coa's
    mac teleport 56k/v90 external modem in box, also 56 internal too.
    software for windows; email needs, maybe i have it.

    tedo, Dec 28, 2003
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  2. tedo

    CJT Guest


    It would probably be cheaper and easier to just get a Sun keyboard,
    mouse, and monitor for your testing.
    CJT, Dec 28, 2003
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