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WTS refurbished Sun Microsystems hardware (Epoka Group A/S)

Discussion in 'Sun Hardware' started by Nikolaj Johansen, Sep 4, 2003.

  1. Dear Sun Microsystems user,

    Below, you will find this weeks specials. Keep in mind that Epoka Group
    configures your system to your excact specifications.
    Please contact us today, if your requirement isn't listed:

    Ultra 10 440MHz/512MB/2x 9.1GB/Elite3Dm6/CD/Solaris
    Price: ? 995,00 (EUR)

    Ultra 60 1x 360MHz/256MB/1x 9.1GB/Elite3Dm6/CD/Solaris
    Price: ? 1.295,00 (EUR)

    Enterprise 250 1x 400MHz/1024MB/2x 18.2GB/PGX32/CD/Solaris
    Price: ? 3.300,00 (EUR)

    Enterprise 220R 1x 360MHz/1024MB/2x 18.2GB/CD/Solaris
    Price: ? 3.150,00 (EUR)

    Sun Fire 280R 2x 750MHz/2048MB/2x 36.4GB/2x PSU/DVD/Solaris
    Price: ? 9.100,00 (EUR)

    Sun Fire 280R 2x 900MHz/4096MB/2x 73.4GB/2x PSU/DVD/Solaris
    Price: ? 14.150,00 (EUR)

    Enterprise 420R 4x 450MHz/4096MB/2x 36.4GB/2x PSU/DVD/Solaris
    Price: ? 9.900,00 (EUR)

    Enterprise 450 4x 400MHz/4096MB/4x 18.2GB/PGX32/CD/3x PSU/Solaris
    Price: ? 8.000,00 (EUR)

    Sun Fire V480 2x 900MHz/4096MB/2x 73.4GB/DVD/2x PSU/Solaris
    Price: ? 17.500,00 (EUR)

    Sun Fire V880 2x 750MHz/4096MB/6x 36.4GB/DVD/3x PSU/Solaris
    Price: ? 20.200,00 (EUR)

    Sun Fire V880 4x 900MHz/8192MB/6x 73.4GB/DVD/3x PSU/Solaris
    Price: ? 35.000,00 (EUR)

    Enterprise 3500 4x 400MHz/4096MB/6x 9.1GB/CD/Solaris
    Price: ? 7.000,00 (EUR)

    Enterprise 4500 8x 400MHz/8192MB/2x 18.2GB/CD/Solaris
    Price: ? 12.500,00 (EUR)

    Enterprise 6000 28x 336MHz/14336MB/2x 9.1GB/CD/Solaris
    Price: ? 16.000,00 (EUR)

    Enterprise 6500 28x 400MHz/28672MB/2x 18.2GB/CD/Solaris
    Price: ? 36.900,00 (EUR)

    Enterprise 10000 64x 400MHz/65536MB/SSP
    Price: ? 95.000,00 (EUR)

    I look forward to welcome you and your company as our customer.

    Med venlig hilsen/Best regards,

    Nikolaj Johansen
    General Manager: Sun Microsystems & Fujitsu Siemens Products
    Epoka Group A/S - Worldwide Computer Resellers
    Direct: +45 96 73 08 21 - Fax: +45 96 73 08 15 - Email:

    For more info: www.epoka.com
    Nikolaj Johansen, Sep 4, 2003
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