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WTS Sun Fire V100, V120, V210, V240, V250, 280R, V440, V480 & Sun Blade 1500, 2000 (Sun Microsystems

Discussion in 'Sun Hardware' started by Nikolaj Johansen, Dec 12, 2003.

  1. Dear Sun Microsystems purchaser,

    Below you will find a list of specials, which contains the latest systems
    from Sun Microsystems. All are new in sealed boxes and of European origin.

    Sun Blade 2000 1x 1.2GHz/1024MB/XVR-100/1x 73GB/100Mb Ethernet/IEEE
    1394/USB/Solaris 8 & 9
    Price: EUR 5.967,50 / USD 7.258.86

    Sun Fire 280R 1x 1.2GHz/1024MB/1x 73GB/DVD/2x PSU/Solaris 8 & 9
    Price: EUR 5.988,75 / USD 7,284.71

    Sun Fire V480 4x 1.2GHz/16384MB/2x 73GB/DVD/2x 1Gb Ethernet/1x Serial/2x
    USB/6x PCI/2x PSU/Solaris 8 Server License
    Price: EUR 32.500,00 / USD 39.532,90

    Sun Blade 150 650MHz/512MB/XVR-500/40GB/CD/Smart Card/Floppy/Solaris 8
    Price: EUR 2.562,50 / USD 3,117.02

    Sun Fire V440 2x 1.062GHz/4096MB/4x 36GB/DVD/2x PSU
    Price: EUR 7.827,50 / USD 9,521.37

    Sun Fire V440 4x 1.28GHz/16384MB/4x 36GB/DVD/2x PSU
    Price: EUR 20.305,00 / USD 24,699.00

    Sun Blade 1500 1x 1GHz/XVR-100/512MB/1x 80GB/DVD/1x 1Gb Ethernet/2x
    Serial/1x Parallel/4x USB1.1/3x USB2.0/2x IEEE1394a/1x 1394a/USB2.0 Combo
    Card/1x SmartCard Reader/5x PCI/Solaris 8
    Price: EUR 2.325,00 / USD 2,828.12

    Sun Fire V250 1x 1.064GHz/512MB/1x 36GB/1x PSU/DVD/6x PCI
    Price: EUR 2.325,00 / USD 2,828.12

    Sun Fire V250, 2 x 1.28GHz/2048MB/2x 73GB/1x 1Gb Ethernet/2x Serial/1x
    Parallel/2x PSU/DVD/6x PCI/ALOM Remote Management
    Price: EUR 5.347,50 / USD 6,504.69

    Sun Fire V100 650MHz/1024MB/2x 40GB/CD/2x 100Mb Ethernet/2x USB/Removable
    Configuration Card/AC PSU/19" Rack Mount Kit/Solaris 8 & Lomlite2
    Price: EUR 1.625,00 / USD 1,976.64

    Sun Fire V120 650MHz/512MB/36GB/2x 100Mb Ethernet/2x USB/1x USCSI/Removable
    System Configuration Card/AC PSU/1x PCI/19" Rack Mount Kit/Solaris 8 &
    Price: EUR 1.625,00 / USD 1,976.64

    Sun Fire V210 1x 1GHz/512MB/1x 36GB/4x 1Gb Ethernet/ALOM Remote Manager/1x
    Price: EUR 2.325,00 / USD 2,828.12

    Sun Fire V210 2x 1GHz/2048MB/2x 36GB/4x 1Gb Ethernet/ALOM Remote Manager/1x
    Price: EUR 4.495,00 / USD 5,467.71

    Sun Fire V240 1x 1GHz/512MB/1x 36GB/4x 1Gb Ethernet/ALOM Remote Manager/3x
    PCI/1x PSU
    Price: EUR 2.751,25 / USD 3,346.62

    Sun Fire V240 2x 1GHz/2048MB/2x 36GB/4x 1Gb Ethernet/ALOM Remote Manager/3x
    PCI Slots/2x PSU
    Price: EUR 5.115,00 / USD 6,221.88

    For other systems and spare parts, please contact today for a

    I wish you and everybody at your company Happy Holidays and a successful

    Med venlig hilsen/Best regards,

    Nikolaj Johansen

    General Manager: Sun Microsystems & Fujitsu Siemens Products
    Epoka Group A/S - Worldwide Computer Resellers
    Direct: +45 96 73 08 21 - Fax: +45 96 73 08 15 - Email:

    For more info: www.epoka.com
    Nikolaj Johansen, Dec 12, 2003
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