Discussion in 'Gateway' started by Saml, Apr 24, 2007.

  1. Saml

    Saml Guest

    Wife' has a fairly recent Gateway Notebook AMD Turion 64, 1 GB (don't
    remember the model, but it's not top of the line.)

    Recently is started grinding to halt after she logged in. Task Manager
    showed SVCHOST taking up 99% of the CPU. After futzing around and disabling
    things I finally discover with procexp.exe that WUAUCLT.EXE was what SVCHOST
    was running.

    WUAUCLT.EXE appears to be the autocheck for Microsoft Updates. It was set
    to check and download but not install. I set it to just check, but it still
    slowed things down for maybe 2-3 minutes after logon. I have it set now not
    to check.

    I took off McAfee several weeks ago. Last week I installed the free AVG
    virus checker. She installed some software that created PDF files.
    Disabling AVG didn't make any difference.

    Anyone else noticed that WUAUCLT.EXE seems to slow things down? Is this a
    known "feature"?

    Thanks, Sam
    Saml, Apr 24, 2007
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  2. Saml

    Ben Myers Guest

    EVERY Windows update slows down the system. No kidding. I was not aware that
    WUAUCLT.EXE would slow down the system, but I am not surprised. Why? Try
    these facts, not factoids. I installed original Windows XP on an HP notebook
    recently. It took up about 2.4GB of hard disk space. I then installed all the
    Windows updates, Service Pack 2 and beyond. Then I did my usual file cleanups
    and deleted all the Windows restore points. With all the stinking updates,
    Windows occupied 5.4GB of disk space, over double. I did not monitor how much
    system memory was actually taken up by Windows running all by itself. Too bad.
    I'll bet it took up more memory, which would have added to the true but little
    known facts about Windows.

    Why not simply kill WUAUCLT, turn off even checking for Windows updates, and
    check them yourself on every patch Tuesday, the day designated by Microbloat for
    all the latest fixes, band-aids, bubble gum, and rubber bands that hold the
    system together... Ben
    Ben Myers, Apr 24, 2007
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  3. Saml


    Nov 8, 2011
    Likes Received:

    I have found this pig locking up the computer for extended periods of time, beating the hell out of the system disk the whole time. I use Task Manager to kill it but it keeps coming back. TM shows it using 0 CPU time but why is the machine locked up when it's running? It uses huge amounts of memory too. More MS garbage!! I used Start/Run/services.msc to disable Automatic Updates, so now it won't interfere any more. Once the Services window opens, just right click the Automatic Updates item and select Properties. Then set it to Disable and you are free, free, free. Good riddance to the damn thing.
    JayA, Nov 8, 2011
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