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x1600 AGP detailed spec questions

Discussion in 'ATI' started by DDC, Mar 18, 2006.

  1. DDC

    DDC Guest

    I think dvi is a standard.
    there are regular one pro 256mb and 512mb one and there are vivo one
    witch include video in connection. as pci-e does.
    Dual stand for two connection that can render image on two sparated
    crt or lcd screen. And it is shown as the video adaptor in the system
    control panel.
    There a lot of flavor on the market as i,m going to get on with pci-e
    capability, i know there are gddr2 and 3 for pci-e higner is better.
    you should check in your manual for the voltage on the agp port. i
    think it 1,5v and if the requierement of the card ask for 1.5/.75 then
    it is compatible.
    The best thing is to try, but i can't comfirm that it will work under
    and other OS but winxp.
    On my side i plan to get a powercolor one that is a xt version the
    most powerfull one in it's series. + it is a vivo.

    I think these card are know to performe as a x850 card at default.
    So it is a good buy for under 250$ canadian dollard :)
    DDC, Mar 18, 2006
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  2. I have some questions about this ATI card specificaions that I can't find
    anywhere. Maybe someone has experience with it.... thanks in advance.

    Below are dtailed questions, but mostly I am trying to find out about
    Windows 200 or 2003 support, and if some versions have 2 DVI cards. Since
    DVI is supposed to give much better qualith than VGA, I'd rather drive both
    monitors with DVI... is that a big deal?

    1) Does the Radeon X1600 AGP card come in different models?

    2) Is there a Pro version, X1600 AGP Pro, a 256 MB and a 512 MB version,
    versions with different graphics ports on them?

    3) Do any of the versions have two DVI ports? What does "dual DVI" mean in
    the specs?

    4) Do all the versions have GDDR memory, if not which ones?

    5) On the ATI site, there is detailed AGP support information on all the
    cards except the x1600. Will the X1600 work in a 4x AGP 2.0 port like your
    other cards?

    6) The specifications say the card will only work in XP family operating
    systems. Is it impossible to install this card in Windows 2000 professional
    or Windows 2003 server, but not support all the features?

    best regards,
    Alfred Geskin, Mar 18, 2006
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  3. Oops- that should be 2 DVI ports (female jacks) not cards... and Windows
    2000 (not 200).
    Alfred Geskin, Mar 18, 2006
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