X1600 Pro AGP artifacts

Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by desteele, Feb 12, 2008.

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    Feb 12, 2008
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    OK, I've been in a fight about this card with ATI/AMD, and I'm about at my wit's end. I bought it off of Ebay a year ago, and it appeared to be new when I got it, so I'm not questioning that. But from the time I installed it on my dual-boot XP/Vista Ultimate system, I get random artifacting from time to time. Usually just one thin stripe from side to side, neon green in color. I originally went to them, they kept telling me to upgrade the drivers which didn't help.

    Now, they are refusing warranty service since I bought it from a reseller, and I don't really want to trash a card that might not be bad. So, here are a couple of questions:

    1. Is this most likely a driver issue, or are ATI cards known to have bad eggs amongst them?

    2. If you feel it's driver related, what's the last safe version of the Cat drivers I can run (and expect to work) on both XP SP3(yes, 3) and Vista Ultimate? I have a copy of the 7.7 that I had to locate to get the 9800SE that replaced the X1600 running. I am well versed in the complete removal of the ATI drivers so I got that going for me.

    3. Any feelings one way or the other about the CCC? Something tells me that it causes problems too...but I have no proof of that. If I don't use that, will the ATI tool do the same thing?

    Any other wisdom you folks feel like imparting, let me have it. And thanks in advance.

    desteele, Feb 12, 2008
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