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X2200 Remote Console stays "white" ???

Discussion in 'Sun Hardware' started by mousehouse, Oct 3, 2006.

  1. mousehouse

    mousehouse Guest

    Hello list,

    Yesterday I installed two new X2200 systems, but am unable to get
    Remote Console to work. I can reach the ILO / ILOM just fine, reboot,
    etc. The small JAVA applet at the top even show the correct screen. But
    running the Remote Console application gives nothing (white screen).

    Tried Mozilla & Safari on Max OS.X and IE6 on Windows 2003. First ones
    gives white screen, second one ditto and hangs up the IE window.

    I see no traffic flowing but 2 TCP sessions open on ports 443 and 8600.
    Shouldn't there be more?
    mousehouse, Oct 3, 2006
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  2. mousehouse

    mousehouse Guest

    Welll, I sort'a fixed it. For some obscure reason the X2100M2 ILO will
    not run when placed behind a Cisco PIX firewall, even when the firewall
    is permitting all ports & traffic in and out. Very strange and not
    really what I was expecting. The X4100 ILO runs great, even using NAT
    mousehouse, Oct 11, 2006
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  3. mousehouse

    Frank Cusack Guest

    Does the ILO (I guess this is the name for the console app?) use UDP or
    TCP? If TCP, I wouldn't expect a problem but if UDP, it might be the
    case that instead of sending MTU-sized packets, it sends larger packets
    as fragments. TCP shouldn't do this because packet size should simply
    be limited by MSS/MTU.

    The problem with fragmented packets and firewall is that Linux, which I
    am just assuming is the OS for the ILO, sends fragments backwards --
    last fragment first -- as an optimization. This breaks stateful firewalls,
    which includes NAT even without any firewall rules.

    Frank Cusack, Oct 11, 2006
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