X800 overheating

Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by Tofi, Jul 13, 2007.

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    Jul 13, 2007
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    Hi, it's my first (and maybe last) post.

    I have a HIS Excalibur X800 and for the last 2 years i didn't have any problems with it, but a week ago, i installed the newest Catalyst Control Center (+driver), i really don't know if it's the cause of the overheating or something else.

    When I'm not doing anything, it's temperature is 70C (it never reached higher than 60 before), but when i start a game and monitor the temperature of it's processor (I'm not overclocking/overdriving it), it goes as high as 110C where it simply crashes (I think) I can barely read a warning message coming up that says my video card has reached dangerous temperature, and the whole screen flashes.

    Anyone know what could cause this? It's fan has been oiled recently, and everything else works just fine.

    Could it be the driver, or it's simply getting old?

    EDIT: i wanted to include this, I just forgot:

    Driver Packaging Version 8.383-070613a-048640C-ATI
    Catalyst® Version 07.6
    Provider ATI Technologies Inc.
    2D Driver Version
    2D Driver File Path System/CurrentControlSet/Control/Video/{1BC24CC1-FBC7-4AF3-80BD-8AD2A331C27D}/0000
    Direct3D Version
    OpenGL Version
    Catalyst® Control Center Version 2007.0613.1506.25058
    AIW/VIVO WDM Driver Version
    AIW/VIVO WDM SP Driver Version
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    Tofi, Jul 13, 2007
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