xfx 6600 gt agp, asrock K8Upgrade-1689 problem

Discussion in 'ASRock' started by green, Jan 24, 2005.

  1. green

    green Guest

    Recently got some of this, so not up on the right way.

    I put the 6600gt in a games gave a blank screen or
    would freeze and go to desktop or restart windows.

    So reading up I did a reinstalled windows, left out
    old driver stuff Uli agp driver and rome and far cry
    worked but gta vice city gave a blinding sunrise, blocky
    clouds and some kind of psychedelic water. And sand behind
    the car was choppy.

    So after loading the latest drivers, some hours here and
    their tinkering and just went back and put the uli driver
    on. Where upon no games would start again. Not surprising
    I suppose as it warns it should go on before an agp card.

    I found out reinstalling windows with a pci card, there not
    being a monitor socket on the board, loading the uli agp controller?
    and then loading up 6600gt software, it stills fires
    blanks on games. So if anyone knows of an incompatibility
    issue between the Uli agp controller and the 6600 gt software
    could you let me know how it's sorted out, will a different agp
    controller work on my motherboard?

    I'm hope to solve this before I get a really bad blue screen.

    winXP sp2
    xfx 6600 gt nvidia (4 pin plugged in)
    Asrock K8upgrade-1689 bios 1.00
    amd64 3400+
    psc604 philips sound card, dynamic edge 4.1
    DDR400 running at DDR333
    440w power
    green, Jan 24, 2005
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