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XP 2500+ Nominal Operating Temperature

Discussion in 'AMD Overclocking' started by Simon J. Bale, Feb 26, 2004.

  1. Hi,

    I have an Athlon XP 2500+ Barton core CPU, with the AMD supplied heatsink
    and fan. Can someone tell me what its nominal operating temperature is? Mine
    isn't over-clocked and the BIOS reports it to be between 55 and 60 Celsius.

    Regards, Simon Bale.
    Simon J. Bale, Feb 26, 2004
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  2. Sounds about right, my 2500 and 2800 both reported temps around the 48-55
    mark with retail heatsinks. I replaced both with a cooler master jet 7 and
    aero 7, now temps are 35 and 40. Good cooling in the case is a must along
    with good airflow. The Lian Li ally case I use for the 2500 @ 3200 has 4
    fans, 2 front, 1 rear, 1 top and case temps are about 25. My other case
    isn't as good (cheapie) and even though it sits right next to the other PC,
    it never goes below 35.

    Heckler ²°°³, Feb 26, 2004
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  3. Celsius.

    55°C-60°C is kinda high for a *non-overclocked* XP2500+, especially if
    that's *Idle* temps. But assuming that's your load temps the CPU will still
    work fine. The system I have just finished building uses an overclocked
    T-Bred XP2400+ (15x133) that is overclocked to XP2800+?? speeds (11x200).

    Idle: 34°C
    Load:: 57°C
    vCore: 1.85v (raised from 1.65v stock)
    System: 25°C
    Cooler: AMD Barton *Retail* cooler with AS/3 (the one with a small copper

    Everything is working fine. My saving grace is the fact that I have 4 80mm
    case fans (6 including PSU!) which really bring the temperatures down. How
    are your system temps? It have found that my CPU temp will drop 1°C for
    every 1°C I shave off my system.

    I think these CPU's can run up to 75°C. . . .
    Wayne Youngman, Feb 26, 2004
  4. Simon J. Bale

    rstlne Guest

    Mine was in the high 80's a few tiems and no harm came of it..
    11x200 = 3200+ (Granted) it's not a barton core so the 2800+ might be
    34 idle sounds really low.. Are you quoting Die Temp.. If you are then yours
    is too hot..
    I have a 2500+ oc to 3200+
    board: 21
    Diode: 44
    Socket: 39
    It's a little high today to be honest (not sure why)..
    Load is NEVER a 23c shift.. I would say it's more around 5c shit from Idle
    to Load..
    rstlne, Feb 26, 2004
  5. Simon J. Bale

    dude Guest

    | Load is NEVER a 23c shift.. I would say it's more around 5c shit from Idle
    | to Load..

    My shit cools from un-load to idle when it hits the water
    dude, Feb 26, 2004
  6. Simon J. Bale

    Moods Guest

    dude stelde de volgende uitleg voor :
    Watercooling? >:D
    Moods, Feb 26, 2004
  7. "rstlne"wrote

    well anywhere in the 80°C is basically off-the-radar!. This (value) build I
    am working on now is working well (at last). The HSF that came with the
    T-Bred XP2400+ was sh*t (haha). Since the budget was limited I decided to
    use the HSF that came with my old Retail Barton. . .almost Thermalright
    compared to the old XP2400+ kak. Blah blah, anyway I carefully removed the
    T.I.M from the Barton Retail HSF using a credit card edge, then
    *Artistically* applied some AS/3 with my Brother watching (nothing like an
    audience :p). . .[cut to the chase] it really does idle at 34°C. . .and
    using 1.85vCore my max load has been 57°C. I'm pretty shocked myself, but
    like I say these temps are mainly due to the case + fans. . .

    I always knew (in theory) that case/ambient temps were important, but
    somehow I never did anything about it. My first decent case was an ANTEC
    SX630II, but it was a little *cramped* inside. Just two weeks ago I bought
    two ANTEC SX835II cases: http://tinyurl.com/ywpqg

    Gotta admit I'm impressed, it has 3 80mm fan holes/vents at the front(one of
    which cools your drives) and two 80mm fan holes/vents at the rear (2 80mm
    fans included). At present I have it hooked up with *just* four 80mm fans
    and the result is a really cool ambient temperature, which in turn reduces
    the CPU temps, even with a mediocre HSF.

    Lastly the shift from *Idle* to *Load* temps will vary allot depending on
    how cool your case is, and so it should be. The fact that you say you only
    get a 5°C shift + you hitting *SOLAR* high CPU load temps, makes me think
    you should re-appraise your case-cooling strategy. Having a dust out and
    tidying up the old cables helps too.
    Wayne Youngman, Feb 26, 2004
  8. Simon J. Bale

    Lee Guest

    Well i have a 2500+ barton clocked to 3200+ with 1.8v to make it stable and
    my temps are like 40c idle and around 50c on 100% load but i have a Volcano
    7+ hsf which helps :) At default 2500+ and vcore it generally idles around
    mid 30s 35c.
    Lee, Feb 26, 2004
  9. Simon J. Bale

    Moods Guest

    Wayne Youngman schreef op 26-2-2004 :
    I made a big hole in the side of my case, Bought a Sunon DP201A
    120x120x38 mm fan (220volt, air flow 153m³/h, 41 dBA) which blows air
    from outside directly on the top half of my motherboard. Removed fan
    from copper heat sink as this made minimal difference in temperature
    This works perfectly for now. Still looking for a cheap way to get some
    watercooling done.
    Watercooling is fairly easy to make yourself, for me only the
    coolingblocks are pretty hard to make as I don't have any knowledge or
    tools working with copper. So buying them is the only option here,
    dangerden has some nice coolblocks, but also expensive,..
    Moods, Feb 26, 2004
  10. Simon J. Bale

    rstlne Guest

    Lastly the shift from *Idle* to *Load* temps will vary allot depending on
    I run my fans silent.. (7v or 5v).. And I HAD a much less efficent heatsink
    before and that's when I seen it get into the 80's.. I'll not go into how
    high it was normally running but I bet I shaved a good 15 mins of it's 17
    year life off ;) ..

    I changed to a new heatsink and replaced all of the case fans with some
    different bearing fans (less noise, half the life) but the HSF is MUCH
    better than what I had before..

    I cant say I have seen it over 55c since I got this new heatsink.. I plan on
    doing some mods to it (as I can drop anor 4c + off by applying pressure to
    the HS so I think the clips need to be a hair tighter)

    I still find that 34c Idle verry low, You didnt mention if that's CPU Diode
    or CPU Socket..
    What are you using to measure the temp.. MBM5 or AsusProbe
    rstlne, Feb 26, 2004

  11. Hi,
    I'm using ABIT uGuru, seems really accurate to me. It doesn't have a choice
    for which reading you get, but I guess it's socket temps. Yeah 34°C idle is
    nice, especially since I'm using a retail Barton HSF and running 1.85vCore!,
    but like I said I have 4 (6 including the PSU) 80mm fans and that very
    *LARGE* ANTEC case, really makes a world of difference. I did put my
    fingers around the base of the HSF and it was warm to the touch.

    Also I think that CPU disconnect thing helps allot (it's enabled).

    What case are you using then?
    Wayne Youngman, Feb 27, 2004
  12. Simon J. Bale

    rstlne Guest

    just a basic Antec case.. 3 80mm Fans.. Front(in), Vidcard(in), Back(out)..
    The CPU Pushes slightly more air than the 80mm's do (I cant really regulate
    it's speed/noise without voiding modding the cpu and I dont want to)..

    To me it REALLY sounds like your getting socket Temps..
    My socket temps (when I had 85 die) was like in the high 50's..SOOO that's
    why I bought up the question of what sensor your using ;).. I did try to
    Google The answer but I couldnt find it... You might want to try MBM5 (Guru
    will need to be off while you use it) and it will tell you all of the
    results (if your board supports reading from the cpu directly)
    rstlne, Feb 27, 2004
  13. Simon J. Bale

    Travis King Guest

    I have the 2400+ T-bread OC'd to 2.2GHz. No temp changes at all. Using
    Asus Probe, under a load, it reaches 57. (It's only hit 60 once) It usually
    runs @ 45~50. I'm using the stock HSF.
    Travis King, Feb 28, 2004
  14. Simon J. Bale

    Kaczorr Guest

    Kaczorr, Feb 28, 2004
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