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Xp 2800+ now running at 10.5 x 200 fsb is it better???

Discussion in 'AMD Thunderbird' started by shafi2, Mar 8, 2011.

  1. shafi2

    shafi2 Guest

    I have a Xp 2800 (non barton) which should run at 2.25 Ghz and 333mhz
    fsb, if you see my previous post last week i was haveing trouble
    running it at this speed. For the last 3 days i have lowered the
    multiplier to 10.5 and bumped up the fsb to 200mhz. So in effect my
    FSB is now 400 and my processor running at 2.1 ghz. Am i getting
    better performance with a higher fsb than i would have if my cpu ran
    at 2.25ghz + 333 fsb??? My memory and motherboard are also running at
    400mhz. Cooling does not seem to be a problem, my MB temp is about 32
    and my cpu about 50.

    Any advice would be great.
    shafi2, Mar 8, 2011
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