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XP fails installing Intel SigmaTel Audio Driver for D845-GVSR

Discussion in 'Intel' started by paxi_9, Mar 13, 2006.

  1. paxi_9

    paxi_9 Guest

    Hi Friend,

    When I tried installing the drivers from mother-board CD on my new XP
    (after the XP-SP2 is installed), eventhough the installation status of
    audio driver shows "installed", I couldnt get the speaker iocn (or
    something like that) on the systray. Also, when I looked into the
    "Device Manager", I found a YELLOW (!) against SigmaTel device under
    Audio drivers, meaning there is some problem in installation of the
    driver or some conflict has happened.

    Can you please help me in knowing the reason for this behavior and how
    it can be rectified, and/or where/how can I get the latest driver
    installer suitable for my mother board.

    Processor: Intel P4, 1.6MHz
    Board: Intel D845-GVSR
    Ram: 256MB SDR (64MB shared for onboard AGP)
    SoundCard: SigmaTel (onboard)
    OS: Windows XP (with SP2)

    R. Padmakumar
    paxi_9, Mar 13, 2006
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  2. paxi_9

    R. McCarty Guest

    Did you Double-Click the SigmaTel entry in Device Manager ? The
    details box would provide additional info on the issue preventing the
    device from being enabled and having drivers installed. When you
    installed the Motherboard drivers did you apply the Chipset Driver
    first ?
    Usually, the CD included with the MB is somewhat dated and may
    be weeks or months out of date. I would go to the vendor's website
    and get "All" the updated drivers for your specific model.
    R. McCarty, Mar 13, 2006
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  3. paxi_9

    Elar Saar Guest

    That's normal as D845GVSR doesn't use Sigmatel codec.
    D845GVSR have Realtek AC97 codec onboard, use Realtek AC97 draivers.

    Elar Saar, Mar 13, 2006
  4. paxi_9

    Frank Guest

    The CD drivers are likely to be outdated. The below page has
    the up to date drivers for your mother board. I always use a
    XP SP2 to save time and there is less chance of errors.


    good luck
    Frank, Mar 13, 2006
  5. paxi_9

    paxi Guest

    HI All,

    Thanks for you inputs.. Intel website says that my motherboard
    (D845GVSR) is having "RealtekAC97" audio device. so i downloaded the
    corr deiver (AUD_ALLOS_5.10.0.6020_PV_RealtekAC97.exe) from intel
    website and tried to install on my windows XP. It also FAILED.

    Btw.. I forgot to tell onemore thing.. i am having dual boot to Windows
    2000 Pro. And the Sigmatel audio driver went fine and it is working
    fine (only on Windows 2000 Pro). I donno why.

    paxi, Mar 19, 2006
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