XP Home on 310n won't boot to Windows; boot disks don't work

Discussion in 'HP' started by bnichols, Feb 12, 2004.

  1. bnichols

    bnichols Guest

    Howdy, folks -- been a while since I had a problem I needed help
    with, but now.... :)

    A wonderful problem for the mavens. :(

    I have 2 accounts (Owner & 1 Limited) on a 310n running XP Home. After
    installing the latest security fix (as owner, obviously <g>), I
    switched to my kid's limited account to log him off before restarting.
    Screen went black & did not return to the owner account after a couple
    of seconds as it normally should have. Cold booting does not work; the
    machine will not boot to Windows in any mode at all: Normal, Safe/Safe
    with command prompt, last-known-good, etc. No Windows, period.

    Attempts to force Safe Mode resulted in the expected barberpole of
    loading files, with the last thing on the screen before it hangs being
    the load of amdagp.sys . I've reset the BIOS defaults with no success.
    Nor do attempts to access the recovery console via my set of boot
    floppies work; after inserting disk 2, the following error message
    displays: "File \ntkrnlmp.exe could not be loaded. Error code is 7.
    Setup cannot continue."

    I've done all I know to do & wanted to pick the collective brain
    before giving up & taking it to the shop tomorrow. Anyone have any
    useful advice? ["Useful advice" is defined as something other than
    wise-apple comments such as "Get a Mac!", "Shoulda gotten those
    destructive-recovery CDs, doofus!", "Open 2nd-floor window; roll
    box off roof," or similar. <grin>] I'm seriously stumped, folks;
    can anyone help? Mucho TIA on this one!

    bnichols, Feb 12, 2004
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