XP pro / Soyo MB / Sata HD install problem

Discussion in 'Soyo' started by er_c, Oct 6, 2003.

  1. er_c

    er_c Guest

    I cannot get a new install of XP pro to recognize my new Maxtor Sata
    6Y120M0 HD. I have researched posts and done everything i could find
    with no luck.

    Soyo KT-600 Dragon Plus / Maxtor 120g 6y120m0 SATA HD

    The Bios recognizes drive. The MB has no problems with it, current
    bios, etc.

    Existing XP pro system recognizes new sata drive. I even formated and
    assigned a drive letter, but when I use the XP cdrom to install, it
    says no partitioned drives available.

    I tried the F6 floppy driver install and get a nice error about
    ULSATA.SYS causing an unexpected error line 2108 in

    Any clues guys and gals?
    er_c, Oct 6, 2003
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  2. That error message usually means that the installation diskette is not
    properly labelled. Copy the info exactly as instructed with Disk1 and
    txtsetup.oem in the root directory of the floppy.
    Sheldon Roger, Oct 6, 2003
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  3. er_c

    er_c Guest

    I followed the provided instructions and copied the following files,
    including hidden, from the MB CD to a floppy.

    viasraid.inf 2kb
    viasraid.sys 75kb

    Booting PC with only MB and Sata drive installed, XP pro CD install,
    hit F6 to install 3rd party drivers, insert floppy, select "VIA 8237
    SATARaid controller for XP"

    File \winxp\viaraid.sys caused an unexpected error (18) at line 2108

    er_c, Oct 6, 2003
  4. Believe you must have the files you listed in a sub-directory of the
    floppy called "Win_XP" rather than just having them copied to a
    Sheldon Roger, Oct 7, 2003
  5. er_c

    er_c Guest

    That fixed the problem. thanks a ton
    er_c, Oct 7, 2003
  6. er_c

    er_c Guest

    Well, that got me past the F6 install, and XP now recognizes the SATA
    drive, formats and starts the windows install. It creates a list of
    files to be copied and then asks to insert the disc labeled 'VIA
    Serial ATA Raid controller driver' into 'A' drive.

    at this point XP does not recognize the drivers on the floppy. I
    created several different directories with no luck. XP does not give
    the option to find the drivers on a cdrom or other device.
    er_c, Oct 7, 2003
  7. er_c

    er_c Guest

    You must create 2 floppies, one with the HD reconition drivers from
    the \raid\sata\driver\winxp. (all files)

    and another floppy with all the folders and files from the
    \raid\hpt372 directory so XP can finish the windows install.
    er_c, Oct 10, 2003
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