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XP re-install on Dell Inspiration

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by Rich Greenberg, Jul 4, 2011.

  1. Please read to the end. Complex problem, I tried to be concise.

    My wife gave my [step] daughter a new Dell laptop.

    The daughter gave my wife her older Dell Inspiration 600m in return
    enabling my wife to scrap an older laptop that was failing. The
    Inspiration had a MS sticker on the bottom for XP home with a serial
    number. The laptop had XP Pro installed by daughters university IT.
    Using Keyfinder, I got the s/n from the XP Pro install. Both wireless
    and the ethernet port work with this XP Pro.

    Because there is a LOT of university cruft installed, it runs very slow
    and I can't get it to access my network printer. I swapped hard drives
    and installed XP Pro from a CD with sp3 integrated. The first glitch
    was that it wouldn't accept the s/n from the XP install, so I used the
    s/n that had come with the install disk when I bought it. Install
    completed. Second glitch was that it couldn't find the wireless,
    ethernet, or modem ports.

    I am guessing that I need some Dell specific install material. What am
    I looking for? On Ebay, I find Item number: 320535502099, "Dell
    Inspiron Drivers Recovery Restore Disk for XP/2000
    === ALL MODELS ===". Is that what I need, or if not what?
    Rich Greenberg, Jul 4, 2011
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  2. Rich Greenberg

    BillW50 Guest

    Sure that would work, but you can get the correct drivers directly from
    Dell's website for free (and no waiting either). ;-)
    BillW50, Jul 4, 2011
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  3. Rich Greenberg

    Bob Villa Guest

    Inspiron 600m Drivers/Downloads
    Bob Villa, Jul 5, 2011
  4. Rich Greenberg, Jul 5, 2011
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