XP (SP1) and Suse-Linux 9.3 recognize my HDD, the BIOS does not

Discussion in 'Dell' started by nilagriva, Nov 27, 2005.

  1. nilagriva

    nilagriva Guest


    I bought a Seagate Barracuda 80GB drive and installed it on my
    Dimension 4550 (2.4GHz P4, 533 MHz FSB). I followed the Cable Select
    directions and made sure it sat in the slot properly.

    When I booted it up, the BIOS (initially version A04) did not recognize
    the drive. But when I booted into Windows XP, XP's disk management
    actually recognized the drive automatically. I was able to initialize
    the drive and I could even format it. So, the drive itself is OK.

    I then tried installing Suse 9.3 on the second Hard drive and during
    that, GRUB got installed on the XP Drive. Suse installed fine but Grub
    was unable to get to the Suse hard drive when it booted up (Error 21 -
    which means that the disk could not be found). I used XP recovery's
    fixmbr to get back the original configuration. I have done this GRUB
    installation and uninstallation twice now.

    The strange thing is that both OSs recognize the seagate drive - but
    the BIOS itself does not. I then flashed my BIOS with A06 from A04 -
    but it still did not help.

    Has anyone encountered a similar problem?

    Any pointers will be highly appreciated.


    PS: I am using the installation CD to boot into Suse and am sending
    this mail from the OS on the drive which has this problem! So this
    seems to be something very BIOS specific
    nilagriva, Nov 27, 2005
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  2. nilagriva

    Tom Scales Guest

    You have to go into the BIOS and change the drive from OFF to AUTO. The
    BIOS will not do it automatically. The drive works, poorly, in OFF, but in
    PIO mode. Turn it on and it will solve the problem.
    Tom Scales, Nov 27, 2005
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  3. nilagriva

    nilagriva Guest

    Thanks a lot for this. I saw this hard drive set to off - but thought
    that the BIOS would pick it up automatically.

    Doing what you said solved my problem and GRUB has installed well as
    the boot loader and I am able to boot both XP and Linux with no

    Thanks again.
    nilagriva, Nov 27, 2005
  4. nilagriva

    Tom Scales Guest

    Glad to hear it worked!
    Tom Scales, Nov 27, 2005
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