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XP Tablet OS Sourcing

Discussion in 'Tablet PC' started by wefixpc4u, Jun 11, 2004.

  1. wefixpc4u

    wefixpc4u Guest

    We are in the latter stages of developing a tablet PC, and we have been running XP Pro. What would it take for us to start putting Tablet OS on the engineering prototypes? We have been unable to locate a local source for JUST the OS. Does one have to be in the MSDN to get a copy of the MS tablet OS for the purpose of testing the product and our software solution together?

    Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!

    wefixpc4u, Jun 11, 2004
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  2. wefixpc4u

    terri Guest

    If you're building a Tablet PC, then you'd need to contact Microsoft about
    obtaining the OS for testing. Hardware requirements are stringent, as I'm
    sure you know.

    The OS is not sold separately.
    terri, Jun 11, 2004
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  3. the product and our software solution together?

    What company do you work for? I want to make sure never to buy any
    products from them. Any company that claims to be developing a Tablet PC
    but hasn't even contacted Microsoft yet is not the kind of company I
    would ever trust my money to.
    Grant Robertson, Jun 11, 2004
  4. That's a pretty ignorant remark.
    Josh Einstein, Jun 12, 2004
  5. I know I was pretty harsh. But really, would you want to buy a Tablet PC
    from a company who claims to be in the process of designing one and
    hasn't even had the gumption to contact Microsoft to get the spec's?
    Grant Robertson, Jun 12, 2004
  6. This is a Microsoft newsgroup but Microsoft is not the sole owner of the
    term "Tablet PC". Perhaps he was looking at building a laptop with touch
    screen capabilities and is starting to realize the benefits that Microsoft's
    Tablet PC operating system has to offer.
    Josh Einstein, Jun 13, 2004
  7. Actually, I was under the impression that Microsoft had trademarked the
    term "Tablet PC" and that other people were using "Tablet Computer"
    instead. But I may be wrong on that point.

    Regardless, even if what you say is true (which was not even hinted at by
    the original poster), the painfully obvious first step is to contact
    Microsoft directly. Not try and glom onto a copy of the OS to start
    fiddling with. That's the problem with the computer industry today. Far
    too many products are just fiddled with until some marketing exec says.
    "Ship it!". There is very little actual planning involved. Well, I, for
    one, don't want to buy any products from a company that is so obviously
    just fiddling with things. You can rationalize and speculate all day but
    that still doesn't make fiddling with things a good way to design a
    Tablet PC. And you are certainly not ever going to convince me that it
    is. If you want to buy cobbled together crap then you go right ahead.
    That's your business. But stop trying to convince me that I am wrong and
    stop trying to make me out to be some heinous fiend for having an
    opinion. Considering the lack of response I doubt the original poster is
    even checking back for answers.
    Grant Robertson, Jun 13, 2004
  8. Sorry that you're so easily offended. Half the equipment in your PC was
    probably "fiddled with" by your definition. Your opinions have offered zero
    value to this newsgroup.

    I'm as big a supporter and fan of Microsoft as the next guy but they are not
    the governing authority on PC manufacturing - regardless of the platform.
    Get over that.
    Josh Einstein, Jun 13, 2004
  9. wefixpc4u

    LPH Guest

    Wow. Dude. Not that Josh needs or asked for my help in thi
    disagreement but I'll chime in because it is very important fo
    different points of view to be openly discussed and not just screame

    After 30 years of being an industry observer and participant, I'v
    found that most things begin with someone's idea being 'fiddled' wit
    in their heads and later in prototypes so that more people can fiddl
    with it.

    Maybe you are defining fiddling a bit differently than many others her
    but I use the term as a tweak or test or refinement of an idea o
    thought. If you will, it's a modified brainstorm.

    It is absolutely vital to the product cycle to tinker before bringin
    something to market. Things in our world aren't just "created" with

    Strangely, I think you meant that you wouldn't want this product t
    appear on a store shelf tomorrow ... but ... I can't speak for you .
    maybe after he finds the right contacts at MS and makes proper tweak
    then in a few months the product is ready for the store shelves. I
    that acceptable?

    Now, in terms of the person not contacting Microsoft before now - hec
    - that is not only possible - it's very probably correct. Microsoft i
    a huge company. Even Microsoft doesn't talk to people at Intel all th
    time - and they may be working on the same thing. It's okay. It's jus
    part of the industry.

    If you know who he should contact then let him know in the post. I'
    not sure who might have the correct answer for him. Maybe someone els
    here does. If you know then help the guy out.
    Many people do not check for answers immediately, especially if the
    are busy. An alternative explanation may simply be he does not fee
    compeled to respond to the type of message that you've posted becaus
    you are being a bit harsh to the original post and to Josh.

    Personally, the more people fiddling with the Tablet PC - the better
    If you disagree then you are welcome to your opinion. You don't need t
    change your mind. Life is good
    LPH, Jun 14, 2004
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