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XP Tablet vs Professional

Discussion in 'Tablet PC' started by WAR, Apr 12, 2006.

  1. WAR

    WAR Guest

    I run an application on both a Motion and HP Tablet utilizing XP Tablet
    Edition with no problems. My friend has an IBM Tablet (XP Tablet Edition)
    who is having a problem within the program using the print to screen
    function. The software developer has not been able to fix the problem and
    has defaulted to the claim that they only support their software installed on
    computers running XP Professional - not XP Tablet or XP Home Edition. Is
    there anything I can refer them to which indicates XP Tablet is the same as
    XP Professional? Thanks!
    WAR, Apr 12, 2006
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  2. WAR

    vjg Guest

    I'd say, probably not. While XP Tablet is (as I understand it) a
    superset of XP Pro, that doesn't mean that the additional features
    won't conflict with something. For instance, Palm Desktop won't install
    on Tablet and they claim it is unsupported. However, if you turn off
    the Advanced Text Services on a tablet during installation, the install
    will complete. Just turn it back on after the install and (so far) Palm
    desktop functions normall. The point? Features in Tablet may interfere
    with applications that ran fine on non-Tablet versions of XP. Also it
    appears that Tablet (at least on mine, supports fast user switching
    like XP Media Center does. I turned that off on my Media Center system
    (the kids use that) but I haven't investigated that with my convertible
    with Tablet. The point? Default configurations might be different and
    typical users might not understand the differences.
    vjg, Apr 12, 2006
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  3. Not what? ALl the context is snipped.

    While XP Tablet is (as I understand it) a
    It's also as likely to fail for someone running an East Asian IME
    because that uses Advanced Text Services. It's not a reflection on
    Tablet, but poor testing of common options in the base platforms.

    Just turn it back on after the install and (so far) Palm
    And too many developers assume everyone runs XP Pro with Admin
    privileges and/or with US English settings. It doesn't take too much to
    deviate from the norm.
    Mike Williams, Apr 12, 2006
  4. WAR

    RAD Guest

    RAD, Apr 14, 2006
  5. WAR

    RAD Guest

    This is the first discussion i have been able to find regarding the problem
    of Palm Programs and XP Tablet. ARe you also able to hotsync your palm device
    and load other palm programs? I have a Treo and dont want to get stop using
    RAD, Apr 14, 2006
  6. WAR

    Chris H. Guest

    If the device will sync with a Windows XP Pro computer, then you can do that
    on a Tablet PC because XP Pro is the operating system. The Tablet PC
    Edition 2005 is a superset running on top of XP Pro, just like the Media
    Center Edition does on those systems.
    Chris H., Apr 14, 2006
  7. WAR

    vjg Guest

    Yes, I'm able to hotsync with my tablet. I can't answer the question
    about installing applications as I haven't tried it yet. I hotsync my
    T5 with two computers, one with the Palm desktop and one with a split
    between Palm Desktop and Outlook. The tablet PC is the one using
    Outlook. I haven't done it long enough to know if there will be any
    problems... but I don't expect any, or at least not any that have to do
    with having Tablet extensions installed.
    vjg, Apr 17, 2006
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