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Discussion in 'Tablet PC' started by Rainald Taesler, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. Hi all,
    just trying to get my new "HP COMPAQ tc1100" to do what I want, I
    stumbled over the problem of installing the MUI over the existing
    "normal" German version of XP TabletPC.

    The machine came with the German HP version of XP TabletPC and - in
    addition to the "normal" OS CDs - I received some MUI CDs (the content
    of which I did not yet check).

    When installing, I was narrow-minded enough [siiiigh] to just install
    the German version. And thereafter I installed all of the Win updates
    (SP2, all of the additional "KB"-patches).

    Meanwhile I think that this was not too wise :-( :-(
    Apart from the fact that WinWord in its German version seems to not
    support "ink" (which for a TabletPC is just crucial), I have to face
    the problem that
    (a) the "ExperiencePack", as well as (b) the "EducationPack" will not
    They both require the OS to be "English" speaking.

    Therefore I am thinking on installing the "MUI" in addition to what I

    Can this be done without causing danger to what is already installed?
    Can I install the "MUI" pack over the existing XP SP2?
    Will I have to re-install the SP2 package and/or any of the additional

    Rainald Taesler, Apr 23, 2006
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  2. Rainald Taesler

    Chris H. Guest

    IF you're talking about the operating system MUI pack, which is only
    available through corporate (perhaps a school or university) then you should
    follow their instructions for the installation. Regular users do not have
    access to that pack.

    As for the issue with Office programs, check your Office installation in Add
    or Remove Programs by highlighting the Office listing and then selecting the
    Change button. On the first screen select Add or Remove Features, then on
    the next screen put a check mark in Choose advanced customization of
    applications. Under Office Shared Features, you should see an entry for
    Microsoft Handwriting Component (German equivalent) and make sure that is
    installed. This will allow the native Office handwriting options, which are
    in addition to the Tablet PC functionalities.

    You should have presently (in Word as an example) options under
    View/Toolbars for Ink Annotations, Ink Comment and Ink Drawing and Writing.
    Making sure those are checked will give you a separate toolbar so you can
    select those Ink functions in Word.
    Chris H., Apr 23, 2006
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