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XP-Update for developers

Discussion in 'Tablet PC' started by Stefen Niemeyer, Oct 13, 2005.

  1. Hi,

    this has just been released to the download center, not sure if it's
    available on Windows Update for Tablet users. So, install it if you're using
    ..net Framework 2.0.
    Compatibility issues (events not firing, classes being disfunctional) with
    CLR2.0 have been found in Windows XP SP1/SP2 versions of Microsoft.Ink.dll
    on Tablet PCs. Since this dll is a system file on these configurations, they
    require update through Windows Update.

    Stefen Niemeyer, Oct 13, 2005
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  2. This should be installed by everyone. Not just developers. That DLL has been
    a thorn in my side for almost a year. Anyone who runs apps built on the .NET
    framework should install it. Run run run!
    Josh Einstein, Oct 13, 2005
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  3. Stefen Niemeyer

    Chris H. Guest

    No, it should NOT be installed by everyone. Perhaps developers or
    programmers like you, Josh, who may be able to deal with issues on their
    systems, however, Microsoft does not recommend installing this beta version
    until .NET 2.0 is finalized. There are still several issues on Tablet PCs,
    especially with Microsoft.Ink.dll, which can cause problems for regular

    Anyone who has taken the errant advice to install this beta version should
    either uninstall, use a Restore Point from System Restore or update your
    system with the hotfix for the aforementioned .dll file:
    It "may" help correct the issues you will see. Again, general users should
    NOT install .NET 2.0 until all the kinks are worked out, according to
    Chris H., Oct 13, 2005
  4. Dude you are so freaking dense. From now on you should not be allowed to
    chime in on anything that is software development related because you have
    no clue what you are talking about. You are totally wrong on this one.

    This download is NOT a beta component. This is a FIX to the Microsoft Ink
    DLL that is in production now that BREAKS when running under .NET 2.0. This
    is NOT the beta framework. Installing this DLL will make sure that all your
    apps continue to run when Microsoft releases the .NET FX next month.

    Furthermore, there has been a GoLive agreement since beta 2 of .NET which
    allows developers to release applications to the general public built on
    ..NET 2.0 Beta 2. Guess what, this broken DLL has caused me TONS of headaches
    and its release is long awaited by software developers. So I would
    appreciate that you not tell people that my advice is errant before getting
    the facts. Between myself, Agilix, and Microsoft, alot of parties have
    worked very hard to make sure this DLL got fixed and released and your
    misinformation could hamper those efforts.

    Again I will strongly suggest that all tablet pc users grab this (non beta)
    DLL lest you risk broken apps next month.
    Josh Einstein, Oct 14, 2005
  5. Okay look sorry for blowing up and calling you dense. That was immature. But
    you should really not contradict software developers on information relating
    to SDK's and developer components because it's easy to mislead and scare the

    Thank you for your continued contributions to the newsgroup, but please
    trust me on development related issues. It is one thing I think I am quite
    qualified to give advice on.
    Josh Einstein, Oct 14, 2005
  6. Stefen Niemeyer

    Chris H. Guest

    Please re-read my information. I specifically state, contrary to what you
    said, that it is fine for developer or programmers, but NOT end users as you
    stated. The Tablet Team at Microsoft today confirmed my specific question
    regarding the usability, and advise strongly that regular users do NOT
    install the beta .NET 2.0 build.
    Chris H., Oct 14, 2005
  7. Stefen Niemeyer

    Chris H. Guest

    If you're giving information to software developers, you should do so in the
    appropriate newsgroup (microsoft.public.windows.tabletpc.developer) and not
    change the subject line to include "and end users." Microsoft does not
    recommend end users installing the beta .NET 2.0 software at this time, as I
    Chris H., Oct 14, 2005
  8. Okay I take back what I said. You are dense.

    I NEVER SUGGESTED ANYONE INSTALL .NET 2.0! You don't read things you just
    assume things. Jesus you frustrate me. Go back and re-read my post. I
    recommended everyone install the Ink DLL fix.

    I have been telling my customers and users in general not to install .NET
    2.0 for a year now. It has negative side effects on my application because
    of the broken ink dll. What I suggested was that they install the ink fix.

    Josh Einstein, Oct 14, 2005
  9. I am not giving information to software developers. I am giving information
    to users. Every time you open your mouth to a development-related message
    you give misinformation. After going over your messages a few times I think
    it is evident that you don't understand what the ink dll fix does. So
    please, just stay away from this one.
    Josh Einstein, Oct 14, 2005
  10. Stefen Niemeyer

    Chris H. Guest

    Good night, Josh. :cool:
    Chris H., Oct 14, 2005
  11. Stefen Niemeyer

    Oliver Sturm Guest

    I don't know if this will do the discussion any good, but from the web
    page that was linked to it seems pretty clear to me that the update that
    this thread is discussing doesn't have anything to do with the .NET
    framework 2 beta version.

    What this update does is replace a broken system DLL. This DLL is broken
    in a way that surfaces when .NET 2 applications (beta or as released very
    soon) are run with it. In a way that creates a relation between .NET 2 and
    this update, if you will, but the important thing is that this is a system
    fix, the fix itself is NOT beta, and it's not a part of the beta .NET

    I conclude that this fix should definitely be installed by every tablet pc
    user or developer, as it corrects compatibility issues with upcoming .NET
    2 applications.

    And to directly refer to Chris's statement "Microsoft does not recommend
    end users installing the beta .NET 2.0 software at this time" - Chris is
    right about that, generally, although the go-live license for the .NET 2
    beta 2 is definitely an exception to this rule. But anyway, "the beta .NET
    2.0 software" is a completely different thing from the download that this
    thread is about, so the statement seems to be completely misplaced.

    Oliver Sturm
    Oliver Sturm, Oct 14, 2005
  12. Thank you Oliver! That's what I was trying to explain to Chris but we have a
    history of um well... misunderstanding each other. :) I couldn't have said
    it better myself, even if I wasn't posting while angry.
    Josh Einstein, Oct 14, 2005
  13. Sorry for the confusion I created but I hope this discussion has clarified
    what the fix is about.
    Conclusion: The fix is not part of .net 2.0 but of XP Tablet PC edition and
    is not a kind of beta update. But the fix is right now very important for
    everyone using .net Framework 2.0 right now (Beta 2 or current RC, being
    developer or not) and is a must have for everyonce .net 2.0 has RTM'ed and
    been installed on your computer. Right?


    Mit besten Gruessen - Best wishes
    Stefen Niemeyer

    Stefen Niemeyer, Oct 15, 2005
  14. I've been telling my customers to get it now regardless. Since it doesn't
    hurt anything, having it now will ensure that I have to deal with fewer
    support emails than I would if they don't install it until after something
    is broken.

    Josh Einstein
    Tablet Enhancements for Outlook 2.0 - Try it free for 14 days

    Josh Einstein, Oct 15, 2005
  15. Stefen Niemeyer

    Chris H. Guest

    Correct, Stefen. However, Microsoft does not recommend using .NET 2.0 on
    any Tablet PC at this point. It is still beta and unstable. For developers
    or programmers using .NET 2.0's beta, the .dll update is a necessary and
    valuable addition. For regular users, they can install the update, but stay
    away from .NET 2.0 at this point since it breaks too many things.

    Chris H., Oct 15, 2005
  16. What does asp.net 2.0 release candidate break? I had beta 2 installed back
    before a hard drive replacement had a 'restore to factory configuration'
    performed on my system and didn't see any problems.
    Cheryl D Wise, Oct 15, 2005
  17. Stefen Niemeyer

    Chris H. Guest

    It does various odd things (being worked on) with the TIP, add-on Packs,
    Chris H., Oct 15, 2005
  18. It had negative side effects with CERTAIN applications that could not
    control which framework version was being loaded. This includes user
    controls hosted in Internet Explorer, Office add ins, and applications that
    target 1.x of the framework but that version is not installed.

    Other applications will continue to bind to the framework version that they
    were written against and will not experience any problems whatsoever.
    Furthermore, the problems affecting Tablet PC components have been resolved
    by this ink dll fix that was posted.

    Because the .NET 2.0 problems only affect those 3 scenarios above, most
    people would not notice any problems with .NET 2.0 beta installed. It just
    so happens that TEO is hosted in Outlook and is thus affected. With the ink
    fix, these problems are gone. .NET 2.0 will be released very very shortly
    and soon we will see production applications built on the framework such as
    the next versions of GoBinder, Orange Guava, and TEO to name a few. So it is
    very important that end users prepare for .NET 2.0 by installing the ink dll
    patch (since it is not redistributable at this time.)

    Despite what has been mentioned in this group, the TIP is not broken by .NET
    2.0. In fact, the only time the TIP will even bind to 2.0 is if 1.0 (which
    it was compiled against) is not installed. Then it will bypass 1.1 because
    of the way binding redirections are done and it will load 2.0. Simply put,
    if you have the .NET Framework 1.0 and 1.1, then that third category of
    applications I mentioned above does not exist. Plus, .NET 2.0 has been
    extremely stable since beta 2. Otherwise they wouldn't have permitted
    developers to deploy production applications with it.

    (Oh and Chris, no one is suggesting users go out and download .NET 2.0. This
    was your misunderstanding that you refuse to acknowledge.)
    Josh Einstein, Oct 15, 2005
  19. Stefen Niemeyer

    Chris H. Guest

    You just can't let go, can you. Microsoft DOES NOT RECOMMEND installing
    ..NET 2.0 on any Tablet PC (except programmers/developers) as of this date.
    Since they seem to know what they're talking about, I'll go with that and
    continue to recommend regular users do not install that beta software.

    Bizarro World? Come on, Josh, have a little respect for people who post
    here. James is at least learning as he goes.
    Chris H., Oct 16, 2005
  20. Stefen Niemeyer

    Woody Guest

    I know this is a personal thing between the two of you, but from an
    outside point of view, what is it?
    I have read all of those posts where you have been bickering at each
    other and at no point have I seen Josh Einstein ever said you should put
    the .net 2.0 framework on anything.
    Could you point to a post where he did say it? Presumably you have some
    history between you that means you don't read the post and just assume
    he is saying something that he hadn't.

    I have installed the update being refered to on my work tablet, but not
    the .Net framework 2.0 as I cannot put beta software on that tablet.
    Woody, Oct 16, 2005
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