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Xplore ix104 tablet - need help with RIM GPRS modem

Discussion in 'Tablet PC' started by Peter, Feb 10, 2005.

  1. Peter

    Peter Guest

    I've been trying to config two of these as described here


    but cannot get the RIM 1802g modem to work at all. I've tried to talk
    to it with Hyperterminal and that doesn't work either; there is not
    even a response to AT<CR>.

    It is possible that the modem isn't getting any power; I wonder if
    there is some extra software config to enable that?

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

    Peter, Feb 10, 2005
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  2. Peter

    Jan Wagner Guest

    You may have already done this, but, the most obvious thing to do would
    be to check the signal on the ONI/ENABLE/CS/etc pin on the modem. You
    should check the instruction sheets, but IIRC a logic high on that pin
    would mean it will be switched on. There's another pin that outputs the
    current state of the modem (running or off).

    On your site you wrote you measured 4V on the modem supply, so i'd
    assume you can run the tabletpc opened up?

    Then it's easy to measure the voltage on the enable-pin. If it indicates
    "off" and you don't have the required software nor bios access to enable
    the modem, you could just simply hard-wire that pin to the supply
    voltage. I.e. cut out the corresponding lead in the cable, then connect
    (solder directly, or new wire) the modem side end of it to the modem's
    supply pin. It's "safe" to do this as by now your tabletpc has lost any
    warranty it might have had, anyway... ;-)))

    good luck,
    - Jan
    Jan Wagner, Feb 13, 2005
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