XPS-18-i7: Windows 8.1 breaks bluetooth

Discussion in 'Dell' started by David Arnstein, Jan 11, 2014.

  1. I have a shiny new XPS-18, the one with the Intel i7 processor in it.
    As delivered, it worked great. Then I did the free Windows 8 ->
    Windows 8.1 upgrade. Bluetooth stopped working.

    Specifically: I have several bluetooth headphones, stereo. I can pair
    them with my XPS-18, but immediately after the pairing is complete,
    the headphone goes to the "unconnected" state in Windows. Power
    cycling headphones and XPS-18 does not help.

    I did a factory restore to bring back Windows 8. My headphones started
    working again, naturally.

    I suppose that there is some Dell-specific device driver that needs to
    be upgraded. I can't find it, so I will have to try technical support.
    I anticipate frustration and failure.

    Has anyone faced this issue? Thanks for any suggestions.
    David Arnstein, Jan 11, 2014
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  2. David Arnstein

    BillW50 Guest

    Bluetooth can be very frustrating! And I try to avoid that technology
    because it depends on so many things being just right, otherwise it
    fails. A far better solution for wireless headphones is using a FM
    transmitter IMHO. Unless you are worried about privacy.
    BillW50, Jan 11, 2014
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  3. David Arnstein

    Ben Myers Guest

    FWIW, Bluetooth drivers are somewhat generic because they use pretty much the same technology. The wrinkle is that some Bluetooth driver installationsoftware has checks built in to assure that the driver is being installed on only one name brand of laptop... Ben
    Ben Myers, Jan 14, 2014
  4. I went to Dell's web site and downloaded 16 software updates.
    Afterwards, my problem vanished. It might have been enough to just do
    the bluetooth update, but I *might* have seen some flaky behavior, so
    I just did the whole lot.

    Peeve. Dell did not optimize this experience. After I allowed their
    software to "analyze" my computer, it offered me 19 updates. Three of
    these updates were for hardware that my computer does not have. Dumb.

    I had to install each update separately. That was a lot of mouse

    After it was all over, I went back to the web site. I allowed the Dell
    software to analyze my computer again. The software offered me the
    same 19 updates. Now that is just fucking stupid.
    David Arnstein, Jan 14, 2014
  5. David Arnstein

    Ben Myers Guest

    No better than Microsoft's Windows Update for Windows 7. I am setting up anew system for a client, and the updates and reboots just go on and on andon. Then I installed Microsoft Office. Still more updates and reboots. And a couple of updates that failed with "Unknown Error". How in hell, after 13 years of doing on-line Windows updates, does an update fail with an unknown error? The only saving grace is that I can go off an do something else while the updates are churning away.

    And, yes, after I have applied some Windows updates, the Windows Updates offers them to me again.

    The people who write these automatic update programs must all be on coke, crack, speed, or caffinated alcoholic beverages.
    Ben Myers, Jan 19, 2014
  6. David Arnstein

    Ghostrider Guest

    Updating a notebook from XP to Windows 7. Expecting about 160 updates.
    Fine time for them to get installed whilst watching the playoff games.
    It is always nice to have something else to do to bide the time.

    Ghostrider, Jan 19, 2014
  7. alex.paul1004, Apr 17, 2014
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