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xscale pxa255 >>> monochrome stn lcd panel

Discussion in 'Embedded' started by VW ZIPPY, Jun 28, 2005.


    VW ZIPPY Guest

    I have a 320x240 STN LCD that I would like to use as display device for
    PXA255 evaluation board using Windows CE 4.2 operating system. I was able
    to download a generic reference driver for XScale from Microsofts website
    and so far it shows the Windows desktop albeit it is distorted.

    It's either the LCD panel is defective or the timings that the LCD driver is
    using is incorrect. I am finding it is sometimes difficult to decipher
    those LCD datasheets. The nomenclature is not consistent and sometimes
    information is not there at all. (BTW: I am a newbie also.)

    Anyways, those who have done this before - do you have any suggestion or
    reference materials that I can read. Thanks!
    VW ZIPPY, Jun 28, 2005
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